God and the market

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Salvation and happiness do not come from a market but from God and human participation. We are slaves to debt instead. An entity rendered metaphysical. Goods become a divinity which obey Mammon: “There is no choice, market asks it from us, Europe asks it from us” we often hear. Market is deified and economics is not regulated by politics,  actually political choices are non-influential compared with the market.

Man created a god who swallows him up and a market that is not an autonomous entity. Economics became the dominant science and took the missing place of a theologian. Individual egoisms are dirty with tears and blood and they did not bring wellness. There is no more theodicy. There are Jewish, Christians, Muslims in the Stock Market who pacifically negotiate, as if they all belonged to the same religion, conferring the title of “infidel” only to those who go bankrupt. We depend on our brain’s and our hands’ production. We created wrong rules.

Religion….religio is something that religat, keeps together, with “merchandise” as a prerogative of faith in the market: the only value that keeps society apart in single atoms of consumption. Market has invaded our imaginary and we cannot transcend ourselves and have the ability to see beyond because we fear. We are flooded with words such as “debts”, “credits”, “capitals”, “performance”, used everywhere and we have lost the ability to understand how these words are actually abused. Faith in banks, institutions: market’s rules. A theological fury. The dogma: we need to grow. Dissolution of every religious and ethical invocation.

What happens? Being young until 60-year-old, family is destroyed, precariousness and flexibility, no job stability, affection and ethics. The planned school and culture demolition is one of the consequences. We are often exploited without even knowing it.

Only the theologian and the philosopher can destroy the created market-god by bringing real applications and release mankind. Language is ruined and masters’ faith fragile and lame. Nothing is untouchable and we can enter the intermundia. Avidity, egoism, longing….virtues condemned by theology.

We rely on brands and commercial products. “In God we trust” became “In brand we trust”. We are gadget of others’ decision and talking. In fact, we are the first to amass “gadget” instead of obtaining indulgence.

We made the world lose soul. Luckily, God doesn’t want to lose the world and doesn’t want us to live in guilt and debts and to make human sacrifice without reason, for a crazy faith in the market.

We live in a period where maybe for the first time is said there’s only one God but we don’t believe him because we didn’t create him. We think about the existing as possibility, routine. Spectator’s fatalism makes the world fatal. It can be changed. Let’s get back our sold soul before our body. The human being as result of acting not only of being in itself, not as an incorrigible fact but as result of a transformable arrange. World is a subject’s “arrange”.

God gave us the world and it has to be transformed and assume rational forms. If everything is thought as transformable, is not all.

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