Charlie, condemned by a society without ethics

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The latest updates coming from the Great Ormond Street Hospital suggest some considerations on the tragic case of Charlie Gard and on the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights.

“To defend human life, above all when it is wounded by illness, is a duty of love that God entrusts to all of us.”

This is the tweet diffused by Pope Francis in which, without explicitly mentioning it, he makes a clear reference to the story of the baby Charlie Gard.

But we have also heard stronger cries of Cardinals and Bishops, maybe late, but still able to suspend and, perhaps, to stop the execution of the death sentence of the European Court of Human Rights.

We arrived at the terminus of the culture of death. The public institutions, the courts, now decide if a child has or has not the right to live. Even against the will of his parents. We have touched the bottom of barbarism,” cried out Card. Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop emeritus of Bologna.

We shall therefore be ashamed of this Europe where a mother can decide to kill her own son through abortion, but cannot decide to keep him alive, if he is sick.

Is this our democracy? For this democracy hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed in the war against the Nazism of Hitler’s Germany.

They died to give us the substantial rights that were written in the Constitution, but which have not been implemented. They did not die for a society that suppresses life, which deprives citizens of their rights, which eliminates the monetary and popular sovereignty, a society that is increasingly without ethical values.

This is, unfortunately, the society of that Europe that rejected its Judaeo-Christian roots.

Poor West: it refused God and his fatherhood and finds itself in the hands of bureaucracy! The angel of Charlie always sees the face of the Father. In the name of God, stop…”. It is the cry of Card. Caffarra.

Let us pray to save, if it is still possible, the life of the little Charlie Gard and because this culture of death changes. Because with the abortion of millions of embryos of human beings, the concept of the sacredness of life has been cancelled: the mother aborts the foetus that she does not want and the state aborts the citizen that it does not want, i.e. the “human waste” as Pope Francis has repeatedly denounced, to achieve an economy only based on the exaggerated efficiency of the resources.

Some Italian politicians in recent days have spoken through tweet on the story of Charlie. They look like impromptu initiatives, done more with the aim of being noticed that for genuine sharing of values; otherwise we should ask why we do not find their reaction to the death sentence for Charlie in their political proposals?

In fact, their political programs and the laws that they approved are not in favour of life, but of death; these are laws and proposals in favour of abortion, of the womb for rent, of euthanasia, of marriage between persons of the same sex, in favour of the theory of gender. They are not credible in associating themselves to the cry of the mothers and of the families who want to save Charlie and want to give parents the responsibility of deciding on the continuity of his care.

Our wish is to rediscover TOGETHER, with moderation and the exercise of the virtues of ethics, the centrality of the person and his dignity, of life and not death, of ethics in society. Let us use TOGETHER these, our choices in the political proposals, but by credible politicians with the capital “P”.

Antonino Giannone – Professor of Professional Ethics and Industrial Relations

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