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Young people, very young, many of whom grew at our latitudes, who fed with hatred sow death. Wherever you go. In Beirut, Cairo, Paris. They kill infidels, but also Muslims. They blow themselves up in Saudi and Iraqi mosques. They execute Christians in public squares and film those executions, then spread them to threaten and frighten. Behold, this is the black army of the Caliphate that wants to sweep away the world of infidels, a category that includes everyone: Christians, Jews and Muslims who do not accept their power.

The commando which attacked Paris last Friday was made of young people. Witnesses refer about teenagers. Yet, they were well-trained and – an important detail – they were cold, even glacial, as they killed young people like themselves who were having dinner in restaurants, or listened to a concert. A commando of eight people, all of whom died because their own death allows ISIS fighters to reach their biggest result: glory and fame. Certainly not Allah’s glory, but that of their mentors, the priests of hatred. Eight young people dressed in black as the uniform of an army, with explosive vests and automatic weapons. The presence of explosive vests suggests that there is a group of support with at least one blaster.

In fact, last morning another shootout was declared in Bagnolet, on the outskirts of Paris, a sign of the fact that there are other terrorists around. Well-armed thanks to inner support and money ISIS has for weapons and explosives they purchase from Slavic and north-African crime organizations, that have supplanted the milieu Marseillaise narrated by Delon and Belmondo. It is not a chance that on November 5 in Bavaria, Germany, was stopped and arrested a citizen of Montenegro who had an arsenal in his car and was direct to France.

A composite commando. Among the remains of the suicide bombers at the stadium were found the passports of a Syrian and an Egyptian men. But in Bataclan acted young Europeans, blue eyes, brown hair, fluent French. A Frenchman who was known to the French intelligence. Among them may have been a woman, according to the testimonies of the survivors. They have moved as automatons replacing the magazines every time they emptied the magazines against the customers of the restaurants and the spectators in Bataclan.

This is an action called ghazi in Arabic, which means ‘make incursions into the enemy’s territory’. This is a widely-known script, just think about Mumbai, Lahore or the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow. Very young people, dressed in black, turn off lights of life without a perspective because the warriors of the Caliphate die in the first place. Terrorists attacked soft targets which are poorly protected and hardly defensible, because goals such as restaurants and places of aggregation such as commercial centers are uncountable. Open places.

Now, many people will offer their recipes to ensure safety. Prevention is a priority need, a prevention that will keep under control potential terrorists; but keep in mind that, as is it happened in Israel, a nation where safety is at highest levels, attacks with knives, scrapers or cars launched against people happen every day. It is the time of courage and confidence, not of controversy and easy solutions with propagandistic purposes. Courage and confidence against ISIS’ nihilism, but perhaps it is time to call it Daesh because by calling it Islamic State we give those ferocious killers importance.

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