Cain and Abel among the migrants

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Not one day goes by without someone killing a human being in the name of religion. Cruel violence is taking over, and it gets an equal and opposite reaction. Rage becomes hate and it goes on spirally. Horror generates horror and leads to destruction, which is exactly what we should be avoiding. About fifteen Muslim migrants threw the Christian ones overboard, just because they were Christians, this episode reveals the terrible degeneration we stumbled into: men cannot recognize a human being in the eyes of others, even when sharing the same dramatic situation, when travelling together to an uncertain future. These are the new Cain and Abel killing their own brothers.

We are facing a human challenge, not just a military one: not allowing violence, no matter what. The three biggest monotheist religions do not teach hate or death, they do not see enemies but people to be saved or evangelized, not massacred.

Good intentions are not enough to change; governments, civil and religious authorities all around the world need to put some effort in it. The words Pope Francis said during Easter time, when he asked the international community not to be ‘inactive and mute’ in front of this ‘unacceptable crime’: killing people just because they are Christians. “This is terrible, we are adrift. This is wrecking fundamental human rights. I hope the international community will not turn his gaze from its brothers, they are today’s martyrs, and there are so many”. The Pope underlined two aspects: killing Christians is a violation of human rights; the international community cannot turn its back to the matter.

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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