Solitude, the killer

  • Italiano

The latest tragedy – a mother who shot to death her 7-year-old son, then committed suicide –, should give us food for thought, despite the fact that it is an isolated case. How can one reach the point when the future is so black that they decide to extinguish the light of life? Moreover, how can one do this to their own son?

Dismiss this story as a “disease of a person,” an “incurable depression”, or a “folly” is superficial and frees our conscience from responsibility. It is too easy to talk about focusing on the “world around us”: flowers, trees, the sea… all those things no one can take away from us. Yet, it is precisely “the world around us” that makes us sink in an abyss from which, sometimes, there is no way out. A world made of distracted interpersonal relationships, where everyone is focused on their own problems; a world made of institutions that constantly lack resources, with meager budgets which penalize social assistance; a world that moves at such a high speed that those who lag behind are left alone.

When such things happen, this is our shared fault, everyone’s without exception: having left a human being alone, having judged his problems as unimportant, and having interrupted this fundamental relationship between individuals called “attention”, which should less demanding than friendship, but more extended.

We are strangers and we behave as such. Often even inside our own families, but certainly in our communities that are now losing its sense of identity, which used to keep them together in the past and buffered problems.

This is how “madness” takes shape and not even the greatest love – a parent’s love – manages to prevent people from feeling lonely and impotent. In a society where there are no more values, listening ceased to be a value too.

Thus, a mother decides to take away not only her own future, but also that of her child: a future that might have been full of satisfaction, success, and love. All those things have been engulfed by the emotional black hole whose reason is the devastating neglect of our society towards the individuals. A person is no longer “one” in a “woven many”, but on its own. When we search for the mirror image of our success, in a flourishing relativistic delirium, the only thing that matters, is one’s own wellbeing; when the shadow of troubles appears, you realize that without help, it is impossible to resist. Laura’s story is not merely crime news, it is a warning for the entire humanity.

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