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Halloween is coming, but what lies behind it is far from being a joke. As an exorcist, I can put forward a few obvious examples, which demonstrate the effects of this villainous project underway to induce children, adolescents and young people to practice occultism in its different shapes and this pagan and non-Christian holiday, Halloween, is one of the ways used to spread it.

Last April – for instance – unexpectedly and very quickly spreads among a wide range of children and young people – in Italy and in the whole western world – a new kind of séance” , learned watching Youtube videos. On a white sheet of paper are drawn a horizontal line and a vertical and in the four quadrants obtained this way, are written two times the words: yes and no. On the sheet are placed two pencils so as to make a cross. At this point, they ask a deceased young man called Charlie to confirm its presence. In some videos, however, he is openly called referred to as a “daemon”. If a pencil moves points a positive answer, that is, toward a “yes”, you can start asking him questions. And, from time to time, according to the questions, the pencil will respond, pointing a “yes” or a “no”. A considerable number of worried parents have consulted many parish priests, asking what they had to think about it: from some of the collected testimonies comes out that some young people, who have participated in this game, have vomited, some of them have fainted; others have begun to suffer from sleep disorders; others have begun to feel anxiety and fears. Last May 31, a newspaper reported about  four Colombian girls who, after having played the game in which Charlie is invoked, were hospitalized, because all of them manifested strong disorientation.  The diagnosis made in the hospital was “mass hysteria with psychotic symptoms”.

But this is not the only example. A Roman pastor made a shocking discovery last September 29: after he walked out of the churchyard, he saw a young man who looked alternatively at the façade and at the mobile phone in his hand. The parish priest got curious and approached him, with much simplicity, he asked him what he was doing. The young man said he was practicing an online game, called “Ingress”, which splits the world in two parts. Through some “portals”, one must acquire “esoteric power” to defeat the others. These consist in real places, scattered around the city of Rome, and identified with the help of what is esotericism is called an “astral map”. The portal indicated by this game was, without the pastor knowing anything about it, the church entrusted to his pastoral care. There was a picture of the parish taken at night and there was a ray which originated from a statue, located on the roof of the rectory, and a dark figure, drawn on the wall of the church (the parish priest had it removed later on).

Last example. One morning, as I entered a church which at the moment was empty, I saw a group of young people, dressed in a certain way, whose average age was 25 years, who were coming down from the presbytery. Their behavior made me strongly suspicious. Watching the security cameras registrations of the church and thanks to the inquiries made on a member of the group who led it, was ascertained the execution of a satanic ritual, performed in two minutes. In addition, upon searching his home, the forces of order found material used by satanic sects.

What shall we infer from those examples? The social planners of the evil know that, if children get used, since early childhood, to the occultist images and language, in adulthood they will be induced to the real occultism and will become, for the new generations, the alternative to Christianity. At present, occultism is taught through stickers, comic books, cartoons, a certain kind of music, video games, Internet, movies, TV Series and novels.

On some sites dedicated to characters for children,  can be found links which allow you do access directly satanic and black magic sites. The aberrant exaltation and celebration of horror and occultism – in all its shapes put forward every year by Halloween – has, as an end, to deceive the new generations, making them believe that playing with occultism is a completely innocent practice which does not entail any risks. Occultism, truth to be told, exposes to moral, psychological, and spiritual dangers. The damage it can produce range from physical disturbances, which require medical intervention to psychological disorders or mental illness, which require the intervention of a psychologist and, in some cases, of the psychiatrist, to disturbances, requiring the intervention of the exorcist priest.

I am very pleased with don Aldo Buonaiuto, for his commitment and for the activity he carries on to help the victims of occultism. The text he has produced “Halloween: the trick of the devil”, responds to a felt need of the pastoral workers, of the Catholics involved in the world of education and that of the parents, worried to have an effective means, to transfer to the new generations the true meaning of life, in front of the culture of death proposed by the media and even imposed in many schools and kindergartens from Halloween. I fully join don Aldo in the “message of life” he launches through this text, and at the same time, I join the invitation – which arrived to pastors and priests from several sources – to multiply, on the night from October 31 to November 1, the prayer vigils in the churches; the processions of the saints or the theatrical performances about the lives of the saints in parish halls; alternative Christian holidays, with entertainment for the kids and their families in the oratorios; concerts in the squares, with the participation of bands, singers or songwriters of contemporary Christian music.

Father Francesco Bamonte

* President of the International Association of Exorcists

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