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The Holy Year is just around the corner and Rome is ready to refresh its ‘makeup’. For the Italian capital, the Jubilee is the right occasion for relaunching its image after the ”Terra di Mezzo” ‘Middle Earth’ investigation and the  journalistic investigations on the degradation that afflicts the city. For Ignazio Marino who has been caught off his guard by Pope Francis’ announcement of the great sacred event, it is the last chance. Renzi has made it clear: he either governs or goes home. This line is shared by most of the Romans who are tired of the daily struggles with inefficiencies and bad services. This is why, starting from next December 8, everything must be handled with the kind of professionalism and care that should characterize the administration of a major international metropolis. Considering both pilgrims and tourists, Rome will have to face a mole of visitors that, at present, the city does not seem able to cope with. And this happens despite the unusual nature of the next Jubilee, that will see the Holy Doors open in all major cathedrals of the planet.

The City Council plans a 50 million investment in a series of interventions on roads, services, andproprieties, that will concern not only the centre of the city, but also the suburbs. It will consist in works ranging from the restauration of the areas around some urban stations to additional maintenance of the Lungotevere and the bridges, from an intervention on the Colle Oppio Park to the construction of a new tram line that will guarantee connection between Ostiense and Trastevere. “It will be a work of urban reparation” assured the mayor Ignazio Marino. “After the inter-institutional meeting, the government has sent a letter in which, it basically releases 50 million euros more from the stability pact. This allows us to activate a loan in order to finance the first package of interventions for the Jubilee” has added the vice-mayor of Rome, Marco Causi. Works that will have “to be completed within a reasonable number of days by December 31, 2015 because the 50 million euro must be spent within that date” has stated the chairman of the Public Works of Rome and the Capital, Maurizio Pucci.

And to move away from the shadow of the Mafia Capitale scandal “there will be no more urgencies” , guarantees the Capitol, where a team is being organized for surprise blitzes to the building sites. “Together with the chairman of legality, Alfonso Sabella – has announced Pucci – control operations will be carried out not only at the end of work, but also, during their realization, without warning. A task force will be established in order to check whether everything has been done as it was settled”. To sum up, the engine seems to have started to run. Marino, in the meanwhile jokes: “If I know my city well, till the beginning of September we will continue to hear complaints about the holes on the roads and the missing properties. Then in September-October, when the building sites will open, I think, Romans will begin to say: ‘Marino, there are too many building sites’.

The plan allocates 3.4 million for the restyling of San Pietro, Piramide, and Eur Fermi stations. For the realization of the tram connection between Ostiense and Trastevere will be invested 100 thousand euros and a half million will be spent for additional maintenance of the A and B metro lines, as well as the trains. The greatest work of all, however, will be the one concerning the Lungotevere: paving the sidewalks and the roads, cleaning the embrasures recovering the road signs. Besides, a large-scale property work will concern the Cavour, Umberto I, Sant’Angelo, Vittorio Emanuele and Principe Amedeo d’Aosta bridges. Will be placed or reactivated public toilets (to which are destined 1.4 million euros). Finally,1 million and 300 thousand euros will be used for the creation of jubilee paths and 600 thousand for the maintenance of the green areas around the Basilicas, and for the restoration of the Colle Oppio Park.

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