CHINA, LAUNCH THE ECUMENICAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST DESTRUCTION OF CROSSES Catholics and Protestants are invited to build their own house symbol of Christianity and take it anywhere

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A campaign “ecumenical”, to build anywhere in the house and bring the symbol of Christianity, linked in these days Catholics and Protestants in the province of eastern China’s Zhejiang. This province, has long been at the center of a policy of demolition of crosses and churches, ordered by local authorities to abuse the building regulations. The idea, launched on social, is enjoying great success.

In 2013, when it was determined that the Zhejiang will be an area of great economic development by 2020, it has launched a campaign to prettify the region with the removal of illegal structures. The goal is to recover the land to be used for an extensive building development. According to the provincial government regarding the demolition, without distinction, all communities and private places, but it is a fact that this campaign is targeting mainly the Christian places of worship. The faithful of the site have noted that warnings of destruction began circulating after the party secretary of Zhejiang Province, Xia Baolong, has conducted an inspection noticing a church with a cross that towered so “too obvious” and offensive to view. When then in other cities saw a forest of crosses in heaven agglomerations, he gave the order to rectify that landscape. From then on, demolish the crosses and raze churches became the most conspicuous commitment of the Party.

But Christians do not remain indifferent, and on July 24 the Catholic Bishop Vincent Zhu Weifand Wenzhou, nearly ninety, together with 26 priests of his diocese, demonstrated outside the headquarters of the city government to demand the end of the program, while some Protestant communities have instead prepared a memorandum outlining the campaign “little more than a botched prank”. To these protests will join the commitment to build the cross in the house. A Christian Wenzhou posted on Weibo -a popular Chinese site- an image showing a group of faithful were preparing wooden crosses. Also Father Chen Kaihua, a teacher at the Catholic seminary in Sichuan, published a message which invites the faithful of the whole province to join the movement. The message states that this is “a safe, legal and non-violent disobedience campaign of demolitions. From tomorrow we will see crosses everywhere in the province of Zhejiang”.

Translation provided by Pietro Ferreri

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