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Strange presences, terrifying images and voices in your head – It could be the description of a horror movie but it is not. This is what really happened on a bus in Naples; the protagonist of this story was a 15-year-old girl. The fact that before the incident she had ventured into Charlie Challenge, a virtual seance which has become viral on social networks, cannot be mere coincidence. Certainly in this dark story the conditions in which the teenager was when she arrived at the hospital have to be considered. “I had never seen a crisis like that: she kept on screaming, throwing water on her to clean herself and she was terrified of vomiting,” said Dr. Rosanna Saccone, who rescued her while she was delirious. The diagnosis of Professor Vincenzo Tipo, head physician of the hospital “Santobono” in Naples, was “slightly delirious psychosis”.

In Naples it is the third case in less than a month; already two other teenagers were hospitalized in similar conditions. Nothing serious from a medical point of view, but it is the alarm bell of a widespread phenomenon in the world of teenagers who surf undisturbed on the internet. In all the episodes recorded in Naples, the procedure was the same: from the emergency room, patients were assigned to the department of psychiatry. “Parents should monitor the activities of their children – the head physician said – or they will run into something dangerous”.

Also because the number of crisis like these has increased, since lately a mad fashion spread: filming this ritual practice – a slap to a harmless prank who defines what is a real rapprochement esotericism. The Charlie Challenge consists in the evocation of an evil spirit in order to ask him questions about the Mexican present or future events. The questions have to be direct, and the spirit can answer “yes” or “no” by moving the pencils on a specific grill.

Charlie Challenge was born in Colombia, a country where spiritualism and the occult practice are particularly widespread; and even in the hospital Santiago de Tunya 4 teenagers were hospitalized presenting the same symptoms of the young girl from Naples. Different continents, same syndrome: the analogy is obvious. For none of the minors hispitalized used drugs or other substances that may justify hallucinations. The only connection between these stories is that all these young people participated at this particular seance. Too alarming coincidence.

The fast spread of Charlie Challenge over the network and the equally fast reports of “psychosis” should worry not only parents, but also educators and teachers that have to do with the world of teenagers. They keep on calling it a game but it is not. It is a practice which not only intrigues and attracts young people to the dark world of Satanism, but makes them unconscious protagonists of a real seance teasing the man’s desire to have total control on the existence, willing to know past and future events or, as often happens in these cases, to talk to their loved ones. The risk, as well as damage to the psyche of the most vulnerable ones, is to allow a demonic intervention that would manifest with disorders evil until arriving at worst to possession.

If you don’t want to recognize the danger of this “spiritual” phenomenon, you should at least take into account the serious repercussions on the psychological level of those who participate in this “game”. Believers or not, one truth is certain: Charlie has already started to hurt.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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