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The worrying educational emptiness that afflicts the younger generation is added to the disruptive and destructive actions against the family, the vital cell of society. And when you hear news of teachers who beat, insult, abuse their students, it is clear that the gap is even more difficult to fill. Teaching, far from being reduced only to the transmission of new knowledge, should especially help young people to form a critical judgement that would allow them to choose the right thing among the many illusory proposals of our modern society.

Institutions are at large and more committed to legitimize other types of unions rather than defend the family institution, repeatedly attacked and vilified by a somewhat relativistic culture. In this regard the Church has repeatedly expressed concern about the so-called “gender theory” that the Holy Father described as a “mistake of the human mind”. Using terms like “parent 1 – parent 2” instead of “father – mother”, just as an example, implies a worrying ideological leap that has already created serious damage, destabilizing the young generation, as witnessed by children grown with two mothers or two fathers.

Given the current socio-economic context, it would be far more serious and urgent to turn the political attention to young people who decide to get married, or to the problems of the poor families, of the numerous ones, and of the ones in distress for the birth of a child, wouldn’t it? Politics should help the spouses, the parents, and the children to accept and love their own vocation, educating one another to mutual respect sharing their personal experiences.

Politicians are increasingly distant from families on the verge of collapse, from separated couples forced to beg: instead of just talking, with their own behaviour they should prevent young people from becoming selfish and racist, and they should be the first to go to the soup kitchens and shelters, becoming an example and especially learning how to share with those who have nothing. As it was said in the “Instrumentum Laboris” of the latest Synod of Bishops, “without family man cannot get out of his individualism, as only in family one learns the power of love to sustain life, and without a reliable love, nothing could really hold men together”.

And therefore, now more than ever, family should be again one of the key topics of the cultural, religious and political contemporary reflection, because its good health is essential for the life of the world and for the future of humanity. An unprecedented anthropological turn which will lead to distort the concept of the human being created to generate life.

For this reason, the demonstration that is taking place tomorrow in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome starting from 15.30, in defence of the family and against the theories on gender, is an appointment to support. A way to make our leaders listen to the voice and wishes of their people, sometimes wiser than them. It is just a first step, and certainly it will not be enough given the current level of aggression.

This time families are being crucified instead of our Lord, starting from the littlest and most vulnerable. Crucified families.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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