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Santina Rizzo was assassinated at home, where she offered her services first strangled and then brutally ill-treated with a pair of scissors; and then in a wild rage her killer stabbed her in her throat and intimate parts-Maria Ambra “sold” herself in a shack: the woman’s ribcage was crushed and the murderer has forced into her mouth a foot of bednet. Two have died “invisible”, two people who lived on the breadline, and whose base condition was closely linked to continual poverty. Women who experienced being marginalised and so died.

Two stories that add to the series of untold violence to which these women are subject to: slave sto sex: forced by their captors, or the destitute to use their bodies. “No woman is born prostitute,” said don Oreste Benzi, the founder of the Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII,and these crimes explain well the sense of those words.

Anything but free option: and who would want to live through life half-naked, at night, with the risk of meeting disgusting customers if not downright murderous maniacs? The story of Santina and Maria Ambra is a slap in the face to all those who simply dismiss prostitution as a “conscious choice” . Without being aware of torture and of cheating carried out by crime, by fear and by the disgust and obliged to undergo those few that are not under the yoke of traffickers of women.

The only consolation for the two poor victims: their tormentor was arrested. He is an upholsterer, clean, separated from his wife. A man known to be “normal”, and who told the police has told a preposterous story: the 52 year-old, during the questioning that took place yesterday in the presence of the Prosecutor and the Defender, said he did not remember any of the two cases, the time of the murder, arguing that he had fallen asleep after consuming sexual intercourse with both women and that he realised, only after awakening, about the crimes.

The man was identified following his telephone calls data detected in the place where the murder of Ambra had occurred and telephone calls of Santina Rizzo. In addition, the suspect’s presece in the area of the crime is fully documented with his genetic profile from biological findings in the murders concerned. Finally, during a search in the home, a pair of shoes were found compatible to the findings in the last murder, as well as some strings for upholstery purposes that were likely used to strangle the victim.

The two women-Andrea Rizzo, 63 years old, and Maria Ambra 74-were murdered in February 13, 2010 and 30 May 2014. Now the turning point in the investigation, which at least will reder justice to the destre two bodies. But what remains is the abomination of watching these women on the roads where they sell themselves, basically, they asked for it. And the horror of who contributes to this terrible and bleak business which is increasing: customers are just as responsible as their tormentors.


Traslation by Marina Stronati

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