The doctor’s malaise

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“To practise” as a doctor and to be a doctor, are profoundly two different things altogether. Those who have for years practised with genuine devotion to the well-being of others, in fact, ends up to be ‘ part of what he consciously chose to be, not just a professional. Many doctors-thousands-know no Saturdays or Sundays, they go without sleeping, neither could permit themselves, by night or by day to get sick; often, women have decided not to marry, as they are entangled between shifts, and temporary employment.

Yet, in the face of many sacrifices, the profession is seriously being put at risk. The doctor, in fact, has to struggle every day against discouragement and fatigue, organisational corruption and the incapability of others to manage resources: is even forced to ask essential tools, such as thermal cot for transporting newborn infants by ambulance, or appropriate cleaning at a public clinic.

Yet today everyone, internet at hand, knows and is able to treat themselves, except for when they need to ask for solutions to the real doctor when it is too late, puttng the blame on the latter for any damages and asking for refunds.

In this short circuit, even the problem of the ‘ doctor ‘ in pharmacy fits in, he is considered more authoritative, as he can give antibiotics without a prescription or recommending it: he canot be penalised as he doe not write anything and does not omit to …

The malaise is even worse if we talk about the criteria with which doctors are entrusted with a service from the local health service facilities in the Lazio region, which bases its public notices on three principles: 1. age of graduation “; 2. rated by degree; 3. degree enhancement. In short, first come, first take, regardless of merit.

The age of “graduation” is an unjustifiable criterion of ‘ privilege ‘ for those who have had the economic opportunity, health and ‘ luck ‘ and which has nothing to do with the training of a doctor.

The evident discrimination of the individual is meddling and passing judgements about his life, his freedom and choice. This policy also does not cover disability, disease, and calamities, odd jobs to support oneself (student- workers, for example), favours not the genius (rare! ), but the ‘ lucky ‘ according to the typical Italian mentality sets inparticular and regional areas, where some have to arrange family dynasties or lead to something else to get there first.

What follows is a clear devaluation of the ‘ graduation ‘ mark. What’s more: putting it this way, will mean that entire generations are going to end up in the rubbish-bin to make room for subsequent operations, following the example of the rampant in politics.

Human experience, the earnest and serious studying is not required: health, is in the hands of the usual overpaid, the managers clear the economic and human resources promoting the same directors of the ‘ territorial ‘ chessboard to greater profit and honours …

Many complain of their physician without considering his compensation: less than three Euros per month per patient for physicians! Although protocols and paid periods of sick-leave or uprades are being demanded , all are considered ‘ indiscriminately ‘ part of a mal-functioning organisation in management for incompetence of bureaucrats determined politically.

Let’s rather think instead and have it out on those who rescue us and who might also ‘ humanely ‘ err, though he is trained: he is only the son of God ‘ like us all, not the Almighty. We should respect his job and his dignity, asking those who create much discomfort, even to the extent of putting the blame on the figure of the doctor’s responsibility and expectations of ‘ perfection ‘, while others, well above the poor Christ, could well do their duty but they don’t.

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