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In Italy, which knows neither recovery nor shame, even prostitution could become a source of revenue for the state. Matteo Salvini, has officially set in motion the machinery of the referendum to repeal the ‘Merlin law’ and open again brothels. A project that seeks to stem an aberrant phenomenon legalising it, regardless of the suffering of thousands of slaves, forced to sell their bodies. The ‘Merlin law’, which came into force in1955, incorporates the principles of the Convention for the Suppression of trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution, and decrees the banning of brothels, punishing anyone who exploits these women. Approved, inter alia, it paved the way to allow Italy to enter into the United Nations, as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights expressly obliges member states to put in place the “repression of trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution of others”.

Obviously facts ignored by the League leaders who yesterday visited the municipal office in via Rastrelli, in Milan, to sign the referendum request. Two exceptional testimonials, Efe Bal and Giuseppe Cruciani (voice of the Zanzara), have already decided t ogive their support to the initiative. The banquet sponsored by the League in front of the municipal offices in Milan, Efe Bal, the prostitute Tranny, Turkish descent wore a provocative t-shirt with the word “Efe Bal … the Minister of particular work “, and strictly militates in the Green League. He has said to be in Milan to support the party to “say yes to a regulated prostitution: the time is ripe for an epochal change, for a richer and fairer Italy”. Women’s dignity in the face of course.

The reasons for these petitions, are purely economical. “We may collect two billion-commented Salvini-that could be used to provide free nursery schools to all children throughout the country, from north to south”. This is not the first time that the League seeks to repeal the ‘Merlin law’. Unlike the past, this time he will do so”throughout Italy, notably with the gazebo-day on 16 and 17 May in all the squares of the country. We finally will take prostitution away from the streets, gardens and highways and clean up and take this business away from the racket without hypocrisy. We should take examples from countries like Switzerland and Austria and tax it as other normal jobs “. And if the signatures were 470,000, this time, says Salvini “they will surely arrive at 500,000”.

Calderoli is also enthusiast “as the first undersignee-he wrote on Facebook-o the referendum proposal to rid the streets of our cities from prostitution”. No mention, however, of releasing the girls, from a culture that turns the woman’s body into merchandise on sale, the need to punish customers. Only money and state budgets, with no ethics. These are the values of the people who govern us.

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