All too often, the phenomenon of Satanic sects has been underestimated and treated as common delinquency. By doing so, we ignore the suffering of hundreds of people that are held hostage by these groups. A suffering that is not only psychological, but also and especially spiritual. The issue was tackled bythe newspaper ‘ La Stampa’ of Turin in an interview with Don Aldo Buonaiuto, who is always at the forefront in the fight against Satanism, which we report in its entirety.

«In the secret helms of Italian occultism, there has been an escalation of criminal acts»

A boom of satanism and sects. In a few days, the first two deaths in Alexandria for a murder-suicide caused by a pseudo-Cuban religion, then on the outskirts of Rome, a 45-yearPolish ‘holy guru’ was killed, who belonged to a sect “La cascina dei ricostruttori di San Feliciano” a few hundred metres from the cemetery between the municipalities of Palestrina and Zagarolo. According to investigators and prosecutors of Tivoli, who are proceeding investigations on homicide, the motives behind the killings are to be found in the Satanic sects. “Plagiarising has no longer been considered a crime in Italy for the past thirty years and for the police it is almost impossible to accuse a pseudo-holy guru, of taking advantage of an unsound person “. Don Aldo Buonaiuto, head of the anti-cult community Pope John XXIII , deems the world of the occult as being “undervalued by the institutions” .

Have crimes related to the occult, increased?

“Increasingly brutal acts have been attributed to the sects. ‘Holy-like’ rites have been associated to Brazilian Voodoo rites and Cuban black magic and many Italians will resort to these to wish evil to others. Until a few years ago, they would go to the holy guru to seek ailment but now they seek avenge for betrayals or economic hardships. The last official map dating back to 1998 and was carried out by the Ministry of the Interior. Since then, partly due to immigration, sects have multiplied in number in Italy. ”

What lies behind the boom of the sects in Italy?

“Today, in the name of the devil or other various entities, you can promise wonders with impunity that are denied by science. Individual scammers or sects abusing sacral language to take advantage of people in dire need. A syncretism that drags thousands of Italians in a tunnel of hell. Among the most extreme and destructive cults, there are the psycho-sects and esoteric magic ones that ruin lives by reducing them on the pavement or enslave them “.

Can this phenomenon be suppressed?

“In Italy,the crime of plagiarising was cancelled, therefore the legislative instruments to fight the occult world of sects, is lacking. It is very difficult to prove the coercion of a ‘holy-guru’ to have made the person incapable of understanding and acting. One must differentiate between religious freedom and those whose purpose is to use faith in order to achieve objectives other than religious ones. In order to prevent and fight against it, the police need to be trained as well. Since 2006, the police have set up another team in their flying squad called”sas” (anti team sects) but they lack the resources and training.

Is enough being done against the escalation of violence caused by ‘holy gurus’ and satanists?

“Professionally Italy ranks first place in the fight against drugs and racket business, but not on sects. Moreover, there are no laws that allow investigators to intervene on these invisible and secret realities. There are even “psycho-physical well-being courses” that ensure absurd results in the world of work, that swindle and destroy entire families “.

James Galeazzi-La Stampa

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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