The daily wars

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Peace is the tranquillity of order. Every living being is quiet when has everything he needs to exist according to its nature. The human being is quiet when he has everything that is necessary to be himself. Every person, being a living entity of matter and spirit, is at peace when his body has sufficient food, his health can be cured, his intelligence can learn, his will may rightly choose, his feelings can interweave healthy social relations.

The human being has peace when the set of relationships between people are the sum of the rights of each person being respected: “Give to each one their own and in this way, none can prevail over the rights of others”. The human being created in the image of God is in peace when he can live in the likeness of God. Justice is nothing more than the right of each one and of all together being respected. The rights are not “concessions” of somebody; they come instead from the intimacy of the human being. For this reason, “justice and peace will embrace each other“. Peace is torn as a piece of paper. Let us examine well the situation of justice today. Let us make some examples of abnormal injustice. The right to exist of millions of children who every year are killed in the womb of the mother is denied. There is no valid reason to go against the right to live that these creatures have. All of the states in which abortion is legalised are in fact in a state of war. Innocents, that cannot even defend themselves.

Another case: there are millions of children who cannot survive for lack of food. The rich nations, instead of removing the root causes of the shortage of food, changing the system, give the crumbs to those who are exposed to death from starvation. Europe, North America, and the group of nations that passes through Japan and arrives in Australia in fact are starving the world. The standard of life of these nations is so high that could not be maintained without a systematic depredation of all other peoples. Some major international bodies are the instruments of the world that dominates all the poor peoples. Unfortunately, one should not say this, but we cannot remain silent. The state of war of rich countries against the poor countries is permanent, it is a phenomenon within the system. Human history is the continuity of oppression by the few on the mass of men.

Nothing substantial has changed since the beginning of colonialism to today. To this terrible world setting are now added other thousands of attacks to the rights of the human beings, among them the freedom to profess their faith. In front of this tormented humanity, there is Christ who is the real Saviour “I came to break the chains of the prisoners, to free the oppressed, to proclaim a new era for the poor” (Luke 4,18). The revolutionary solver principle that guide the thoughts and work of Christ is that man is an intangible being because he is the image of God; everyone and everything must converge to the fulfilment of the rights of individuals and peoples. “Seek the kingdom of God and his justice, the rest will be given to you anyway”. The current world system must be replaced. Believers in Christ must become a people that implements, at all levels, the new vision of man. Jesus said: “If you do not change mentality, you all will perish”.

From the centre of documentation of the Association Comunità “Papa Giovanni XXIII”

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