In memory of Tina Anselmi

  • Italiano

Tina Anselmi has represented for Cisl an ideal and cultural reference, a symbol of emancipation and political and social commitment for all Italian women. During these hours, a lot of people, starting from  the President of the Republic Mattarella, reminded her as an example of courage, competence and morality in political action. Tina Anselmi was also a great trade unionist of the CISL. In the early fifties years, she  was one of the founders of our organization, the bearer of the popular Catholicism values and committed before in our textile category of CISL alongside the “spinner” and later in the historic Cisl union of primary school, for the renewal of the movement workers, for pluralism and its independence from political parties, for recognition to all women of citizenship rights.

They were difficult years after the war and the reconstruction of our country and it needed a great social cohesion and the ability to unite all the forces responsible for the progress of objectives, development, equity. Anselmi has always been on the side of the weakest, daughter of the reformist trend and she had De Gasperi, Dossetti, Shepherd, Moro as his main inspirations. Last year she had participated to our organizational meeting in Riccione, Through an extraordinary video in which he recalled the contribution of Italian women in the struggles for liberation and for democracy. She said, among other important things, a phrase that struck me: “We have fought to win the peace.” she never said “I” she always used “we.” She was allergic to narcissism, self-referentiality. This is the great lesson that she leaves us.

Her whole life was dedicated to build something for others, such as the law on equal treatment between men and women in the workplace, the establishment of universal national health care and supportive services, Law 194 on social protection of motherhood and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Three great social achievements of our country, obtained thanks to her capacity for dialogue and mediation. she was a proper fighter, a humble, cheerful person, but always very determined in her choices. She has always lived her commitment before the ” union “ and then in politics as a service, not against someone.

she believed in the commitment civil and social as a passion for freedom and democracy. she has struggled throughout her life against injustice, the occult powers, gender discrimination. Battles over which she has never spared, with great courage, but supported by a strong faith and a positive vision of the world. For this reason Cisl will never forget her, but she will remain an example for all of us to be transmitted to the younger generation who will be responsible ideally pick up the baton of the relay “Gabriella”.

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