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11 settembre

Two thousand nine hundred seventy-four victims, 4 hijacked planes, 19 terrorists in action, 3 targets struck, one target failed: 9/11 is considered the biggest attack in the contemporary age and the second act of war suffered by the United States on its territory after Pearl Harbor bombing by the Japanese Aviation on 7 December 1941.

An event that changed history, projecting the world and America outside the brief optimism after the collapse of the Soviet Union, towards a new period of fear. And that has had a major impact on international politics. The collapse of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the one suffered by Saddam in Iraq were to be its direct consequences. At the same time, the “Islamic question was open” worldwide, bringing to light the fundamentalist drift of some Middle Eastern, African, and Asian regions. Isis itself, along with its project to colonize the West, is a phenomenon rooted in the attack Al Qaeda carried out 15 years ago.

Many words have been spent on the attack on the Twin Tower (but also the Pentagon was hit at the same time, whereas the attack on the White House failed). Everyone is familiar with the official version: the attack was organized and carried out by Al Qaeda, the group whose leader at the time was the Saudi Osama bin Laden. Before the attack, jihadists had trained in Afghanistan in the training camps made available by the Taliban allies of Mullah Omar. Osama bin Laden himself claimed the massacre and threatened new attacks against the “Crusader States.” This thesis is confirmed by the subsequent attacks in Madrid (March 11, 2004, 191 deaths) and London (July 7, 2005, 56 victims), also claimed by Al Qaeda.

Yet, many questions have been left unanswered and these flaws allowed a number of conspiracy theories to emerge. Below, we list the most famous theories:

Internal conspiracy

According to this theory, 9/11 was a colossal hoax concocted by the White House – or by the establishment – to induce George W. Bush to declare war on Islamic terrorism. Or to allow him to begin the invasion of Iraq and to intervene in Afghanistan. There is a powerful pamphlet on this topic by an international team that comprises the journalist Giulietto Chiesa, the philosopher Gianni Vattimo, and Lidia Ravera.

External conspiracy

According to this school of thought, the US administration allowed the terrorists to act undisturbed, with the intention to create a situation that would have justified a subsequent war in the Middle East.

Mossad’s role

Sponsored in Muslim fundamentalist environments and right-wing extremists, it is the theory of those who consider that Israeli secret services are the ones behind 9/11. This theory was fueled by the false news spread by a TV channel with connections to the Lebanese organization Hezbollah, according to which on the day of the massacre, 4 thousand Israeli did not go to work to the World Trade Center.

These theses, devoid of any evidence, are grounded on a number of unknowns.

The rapid collapse of the towers

According to the conspiracy theorists, the Twin Tower collapsed too quickly, whereas the fires did not lost for a long time (56 minutes in the tower 2 and 102 minutes in the tower 1). Hence, the theory of a controlled demolition provoked by special explosives.

Failure to intercept the planes

According to the deniers, former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, was the one who ordered the military not to intervene. The failure to intercept the four hijacked planes is considered to be unlikely.

The mystery of the fourth plane

Considering the story of the passengers’ revolt on board, the supporters of the conspiracy theories claim that the United Airlines flight was shot down by US Air Force.

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