Owners of their children

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The world of childhood coincides with the world of the family. Children live a blissful period, because they receive all the security they needs from their parents. The primordial needs of every being that comes into this world are the following: the first one is security, the second is the need to be accepted. When the need of being accepted is satisfied, also the need for security is basically gratified. But when these needs are not satisfied in childhood, the child’s personality suffers a de-structuring process whose consequences may last forever. It is a crime, therefore, to leave a child without a father or a mother.

Father Benzi used to say: “I will keep saying it over and over again as long as I breathe, even at the cost of being condemned and mocked. I will scream everywhere that it is a crime to leave a child without a father and without a mother. It is one of the biggest faults of our society.”

That is why Father Benzi had strongly committed throughout his entire life to the promotion of foster care. He wanted to give a family to every child who had been abandoned or separated from his or her family, so that the heart of every child can be nourished by the hearts of a mother and a father, whose love regenerates its.

Every child is a unique word of God, with a destiny, a task, and an original mission. The parent exists to facilitate the miracle every child represents; parents should not have their own ambitions and personal purposes for the child; they cannot use him or her; they should only guide these children, helping them to discover God’s plan for each one of them.

Parents – Father Benzi used to say – exist to stimulate, support, and encourage the growth of their children in that design. Children have reached an age when intelligence, love, and truth guide their lives. Parents have fulfilled their task when they have brought their children to the point when they do not need them anymore, because they have allowed them to become mature enough to know how to reject evil and choose the good. Parents are not the owners of the ones they have generated, but only have to foster them.

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