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Lately, some people have had the brilliant idea of making us believe that local elections are not that important. Thus, the life of the municipalities is not that important for the Italian people, which was called “sovereign” back in times, despite the fact that it is currently under the thumb of the mercenaries who seem to be most promising. Citizens are objectified, considered numbers to direct and orient towards someone’s interests; everyone knows it and complains about it, but fear, hypocrisy, and deception make people take back everything they have said and compromise.

Thus, the vote of the Italian citizens is “piloted”, in a way, although their hope that the elected person will be able to revive the city’s fortunes. Nonetheless, Italy has destroyed the authority of the mayors over the last few decades, reducing them to nothing but bureaucrats without finances and forced to arbitrate on nothingness because of the missing resources. The one who would be treated as the first citizen in any other country, in Italy has become a simple scapegoat on which to vent, although aware that he is chained by the system. He is punished even for the slightest mistakes, even for trivial things, except for the cases when certain friendships allow him to stay afloat and get away with whatever he does.

This electoral campaign was very humble, not only because of the Prime Minister’s strategy, which consisted in inviting people not to give them importance (especially when the forecasts are not that rosy, a typical example of Berlusconi’s school), but also because of the candidates’ fear of promising too much and talking too big while knowing well that they are venturing on quicksand. Mayors become puppets who are accountable to the master, hence with no mastery.

Besides, there is the people made of those who have not voted; it may seem merely a demonstration of lack of confidence in this political class, but the significant fact, however, is the loss of the right to express themselves, loss of the authority that should return in the hands of the people.

In fact, even if the parties are poor and ineffective, they still represent the fundamental maneuver in the management of public affairs, and self-exclusion is always a huge mistake.

Those Catholics who have abdicated their active presence, leaving their country in the hands of the lordlings and certain corrupt people, are responsible – or better – irresponsible; we say “certain” because also at present there are disbelievers who are more honest than certain hypocritical believers.

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