If you do not change direction

  • Italiano

Sara Di Pietrantonio, a 22-year-old Italian young woman, was burned alive by the murderous rage of an ex-boyfriend, 27, blinded by rage and unheard-of monstrosity. How can one say to love or have loved a person, then mercilessly torture her, burn her alive as she is crying for help? These events, more and more frequent, go beyond evil and meaninglessness. No revenge, jealousy, or other reasons can possibly justify violence and aggression, let alone torture.

Unfortunately, Italian justice will make us witness once again a murderer finish quickly his sentence, and considering the current prison system, perhaps he will be out of prison one day without even having understood the gravity of the evil done.

The lives of many young women are destroyed and erased forever; many of these stories remain invisible, especially when it comes to prostitution. The most astonishing fact in this specific story is the indifference of the people who drove by, saw Sara burning and shouting for help and no one pulled over or made a call to ask for help. It looks like human life has entirely lost its value and, with anger in their blood, people can go so far as to wish the worst of all evils: death.

Our dismay is no longer enough. Our whole society needs deep reconsideration. We have to stop and thoroughly search our hearts, without clearing ourselves as if everyone was always absent and untouchable. This tendency to become the spectators of other people’s horror will never allow us to unite in the fight for a fundamental change of the current warped value system.

Yet, Man seems not to have those antibodies of self-criticism anymore, that is, ability to feel civic consciousness where common good is grounded in the other. Communication channels are crammed with lies. Yesterday, a 43-year-old father killed his little six-year-old son, then took his own life. This news has gained prominence only in the local chronicles, perhaps because there is not much to embroider in this story… Every day we hear of such tragedies and we have got used to violent and macabre death. It shocks us for a moment, then we turn the page. How is it possible that no one wonders where are we going to end up if we do not change direction?

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