BRAZIL: THE SENATE APPROVES THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL OF DILMA ROUSSEFF The Vice President Michel Temer steps in as interim President

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It is official: the Brazilian Senate approved – by 55 votes in favor and 22 against – the impeachment trial of the first female president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, who will now be suspended for 180 days from office. The quorum was reached after more than 16 hours of marathon in the Senate. The votes of 41 senators – who had already expressed their opinion in favor of this procedure in the hours before the vote – would have sufficed to enact the suspension.

The President has announced that she will address the nation and the video will be posted on all the social networks. The Vice President Michel Temer steps in he as the interim President – during Rousseff’s six-month suspension – immediately after the Supreme Court notifies Dilma about the voting results. Temer’s first action will be a speech to the nation that will be broadcast live on TV from the presidential palace of Planalto, in the company of the indicated Minister of Finance, the economist Henrique Meirelles, former governor of the Brazilian central bank.

Clashes between police and Rousseff supporters took place in front of the Senate building during the vote. Police used pepper spray to keep off the protesters – mostly feminist groups – who threw firecrackers at the police. Rescuers had to evict several people who came into contact with the cloud of irritating spray.

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