Murderous deception

  • Italiano

We have heard a lot about death, massacres, new and old genocides also in recent times. A piece of news in particular, among these broken lives, made headlines for just a little over 48 hours in Italy, despite being of absolute gravity. It is the investigation called “Mala Sanitas”, which involved doctors from the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of the Hospital of Reggio Calabria, in Southern Italy.

Unfortunately, Italian legislation limits itself – and that is incredible – to grant house arrest even in cases of horrible crimes; other medical staff members were suspended from practicing for a year. The massacre they described themselves in phone interceptions was not sufficient to send them directly to jail. If killing a human being who is still in the mother’s womb is not considered an actual murder but an abortion, simply the fact that it was done without the mother’s consent transforms it into a crime.

Besides, the fact that at least two infants would have died because of the superficiality of the medical staff and that another child ended up with permanent brain damage, and that an indefinite number of mothers have suffered serious injury to uterus, all those things do not seem to have aroused much indignation. Yet, those phone interceptions were a real punch in the stomach, showing an inexplicable abyss of human misery. Hearing doctors burst laughing after a newborn died, and saying: “A child died and I turned off my phone on purpose, you idiot; otherwise they would have kept calling me all the time … ha-ha-ha” one of them explained, grinning at his wife. Another occasion: “My colleague found himself with the uterus in his hands, ha-ha-ha… the patient was dying.”

The complicity of the doctors who agree and decide to eliminate a child without the mother being aware of it is aberrant: “Make it look tragic, got it? Tell her that there’s a detachment from the uterine wall and that there’s nothing you can do,” he explained… Don’t tell her a damn thing. Just insert her a Cervidil and explain that we suspend the drip”. Investigators said: “The strategy agreed by the two members of the medical staff was to administer abortion drugs to a woman without her being aware of it, so as to provoke contractions to the pregnant woman and induce abortion.”

The Mayor, who was in contact with the members of a well-known ‘Ndrangheta gang, was intercepted several times; thus he gives new instruction to his colleague, even against his own sister who is pregnant, to prevent the birth of the child: “Don’t let anyone see you. Put three her on a drip with three Sint vials, so she finally has abortion.”

This shame brings to mind the recent answer Italy received from the Strasbourg Court. The latter received an appeal from the CGIL Syndicate, which reproached the Italian health care system with obstructing abortions instead of making them easier. Dear bearers of justice, why don’t you ask now Strasbourg also for more medical controls to protect those women who do not want an abortion nor to have their bodies ravaged?

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