A State of necessity

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The suicide of a 68-year-old man unable to endure the overnight disappearance of 100 thousand euros in bonds, his life savings, highlights the terrible short circuit to which our society has fallen prey. The State is not a friend, it is not a warranty of our rights, nor does it represent those who protect us; it is “something else”. An identity detachment that passes through the decisions taken in politics (which, not by chance, has totally lost people’s trust, and this is an evil) and ends in the absurdity of the bureaucratic and tax mechanisms, which seem to be designed by a perverted mind whose goal is to oppress the citizen. These few lines will certainly not change the overall situation, but a collective reflection can help to make clear the many failures of this system, and thus create the groundings for change.

We cannot accept a State which, in order to save the banks, sets to zero the value of the savings a father of the family has earned with sweat and sacrifice over the years. We cannot accept that if someone is in debt with the State, the value of the debt doubles or triplicates in time; if the debt is 100, it must remain so, except legal interests; whatever goes beyond this is loan-sharking; be it about fines or rates return forms.

 It is not admissible that when it comes to taking, there are time constraints that cannot be put off, whereas when it comes to paying suppliers, waiting times can stretch into years, with the result that companies fail.

And it is unfair that, still talking about companies, that they must pay taxes in advance on alleged gains which will probably never become real. Justice would be to pay for what has been truly earned,  not for what will probably arrive tomorrow.

A Fair State does not behave this way. If it does so, it is because it needs these money for the management costs of the apparatus. But by so doing, it instils poison in the social fabric, not only by making it poor, but also by changing the culture of the individuals. If even the State shows no scruples to increases pressure dramatically – not only tax pressure – on the individuals, why should individuals themselves not follow this example and behave the same way one with another? Yet, this is a suicidal method. Destroying everything around us trying to preserve what we possess, is an illusion. At the end we will be alone, and on an arid terrain. It is true both for the individuals and for the State.

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