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Nobody can resist Nutella, to the point that someone stole 29 kilos of it from a supermarket in Sarzana. Responsible for this rather unusual theft, were three Neapolitans, caught in flagrante while trying to run away with the 29 jars, each containing a kilo of the famous hazelnuts cream. The three men (45, 45, 28), were arrested by the police, and denounced for aggravated theft. All the booty was then given back to the supermarket.

Everyone, at least once in their life, passing in front of the jars full with Nutella exposed on the shelves of supermarkets, experienced hypersalivation.  But to steal 29 kg of it is still an excessive action. Yet, it is not the first time a theft of this kind happens: many thieves have even dared more than the three Neapolitan men. On May 14, 4 construction workers from the Campania region, bargained a penalty of 4 months and were forced to pay a 150 euros fine each because, in 2012, they had stolen 5 kilos of Nutella and a box of chocolate bars. While one was distracting the manager, the other three came out with a maxi-jar of Nutella (5 kg) under each arm. They were caught due to surveillance. The jar’s cost was of 280 €.

In 2014 in Germany was eradicated the so-called “band of the Nutella”, consisting of five members. A clamorous theft:  from a truck in a parking lot were stolen 5.5 tonnes of chocolate cream, for an estimated value of about 16 thousand euros. Yes I think, about the birth of a black market, in view of the theft’s dimension, considering the fact that Nutellais the most widely stolen product from canteens of Columbia University. A few days ago, Il Mattino, a newspaper from Naples, published news about an anti-theft device for Nutella sold on e-Bay for less than 10 euros.  A true anti-theft system with a padlock to prevent the jar from being opened. It is a device made of resin to be affixed on the cap of the jar. Its inventor, Daniel Schobloch, told me that the invention was born as a play: “A friend of mine complained because his children were stealing Nutella. Here goes the idea”. Many have asked Schobloch to sell him the bizarre padlock, up to the point of achieving mass production and pieces sold on eBay.

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