The stolen future

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In this epochal migration we are witnessing a fundamental misunderstanding. Reception is confused with the solution of the problem, asylum with the answer to questions raised by countries affected by war and hunger. Charity, that pushes to open the doors to those in need, is rather different from promoting the necessary conditions for those needs to be satisfied in their countries of origin. And we do not mean bombing. Quite the opposite, we are talking about giving back to those peoples what the West has stolen from them over the centuries, not only in terms of resources (oil, diamonds, gas, etc. ), but also in cultural terms. Reception must be managed in an intelligent way.

 The rescue of men, women, and children whose life is in danger is a priority. At this stage, aid must be given to everyone and Italy was right when it filled the void of Europe’s inability to give an urgent response. I would call this an emergency phase.

But afterwards the refugees should undergo identification and a first screening: on the one hand, there those fleeing from countries at war (to whom the procedures of the Geneva Convention and later should be applied), on the other hand, there are those who are poor; for the latter there can be only expulsion – if possible – to their countries of origin. The refugees who arriv`e from Senegal, for example, what war are they fleeing from! Obviously, they are fleeing from hunger, but it is by fighting hunger that the problem can be solved, not by overcrowding another part of the world.

In a nutshell, it is necessary to avoid giving false illusions to those who believe in the mirage of a rich life, because their escape will be marked by torture, abuse and even death. Some of those migrants, in their homelands, were working class or farmers, and earned their own living. Some of them made their families suffer hunger so as to able to leave. Others have sold the small portion of land they possessed in order to pay human traffickers. During those journeys, that sometimes last for years, they go through things and situations that cannot be put into words, and many women are raped.

If me make them believe, through television programmes, that we are ready to shelter them, we will deceive innocent people who are going to fall prey to criminal associations and who, in the best case scenario, will have to pick up tomatoes in the fields for 2/3 of an euro a day.

To conclude, let us not forget that currently, those who apply for the refugee status have to undergo a long process of assessment: in case their request is not accepted, the asylum seekers can oppose and ask the judge to express him(her)self. Other delays, and the Italian State pays for legal assistance, besides their living. Can we afford it?

It is my belief that the rich and powerful  nations should acknowledge their responsibilities and help those born in  poor countries to be able to live there. This is true aid. And in order to offer it, it is not enough to bomb ISIS. We must give back to those peoples the dignity they have been deprived of. There are no alternative solutions. Either we do that, or everything is going to implode. It goes beyond our good hearts.

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