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Zachary King had begun to practice ‘magic’ when he was only 10-year old and joined a Satanic sect at the age of 13. By the age of 15, he broke each one of the ten commandments. From adolescence to adulthood he reached the degree of “Gran Sorcerer” in his sect, obedient to the devil, with abortion rituals and destruction of churches. Then something happened at a supermarket, that changed his life forever. To hear this incredible story, reached him via Skype in the United States. He told us personally what really happened during those 26 years of devotion to Satan, the monstrosities he had lived before the conversion, and how he sees his life now. Today Zachary works in the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Vermont. He has been interviewed also in the United States by Radio Maria and other broadcasters, doing work of evangelization in different American parishes. He does not ask money for telling his story, there is no business behind his willingness to do so. He shows his face, name, and surname publicly, despite the fact he knows that his revelations are disliked by the Satanists, ignoring the threats he receives.

How much do cartoons and videogames that show monsters, demons, death, magic, and sorcery influence the minds of children? “Satan has influence on all levels, not only on children. There are adults who are equally fascinated by stories about magicians, sorcerers, monsters, dragons, trolls, demons, and elves. Satan, during the last years has managed to “remove himself”, people think he is not real, that hell does not exist, and if we eliminated those two things, probably even God is not real. They look at those things and say ‘it is only fantasy, hence, there is no reason to be afraid. A great deception”.

On that note, is there anything you want to say to those who do not believe in Satan’s existence? “It is very sad, because we want to convince them before they die; afterwards they will believe, because they are going to be in hell. At the time I converted, I thought I did not even have the possibility to become a Christian. I thought I had sold my soul when I was 13 and that there was no way I could get it back. I was convinced that going to church made no sense. If someone approached me to talk about God, probably I would have sent them away. And this is what many people do. They do not want to know that they are sinning, that they are doing something wrong,  nor feel that they must change their lives”.

How have you decided to convert? “I always say that the Holy Spirit tricked me… one day I was at the supermarket and a woman approached me with a small medal. I did not know what it was and she told me “The Blessed Mother is calling you in her army.” At first, I thought about a female deity such as Isis, Gaia or something like that. Then she said “she is very powerful”, and I saw that it was an image of the Virgin Mary. I thought to myself “I will show you that she is not that powerful”, and this is why I say that the Holy Spirit tricked me. He knew that I was selfish and arrogant, and that I thought I was able to touch that small medal without feeling anything. Short after, the very moment I closed it in my fist, there was a kind of darkened vacuum around me and there was this woman who was talking to me about all the sins I had committed, about my alliance with the devil, about the abortions I had chaired, about all the churches I had divided, everything, and I was terrified. Then Mary took me by the hand and made me turn around. There I saw Jesus standing in front of me, and this very instant happened my conversion. When I reopened my hand, I was back in the shop, at the mall, and the woman was still talking to me. She gave me the address of her church and soon after I have started to go to daily Mass”.

How had you become a Satanist? “My official admission happened when I sold my soul – or at least this is what I thought – at the age of 13. In the place I used to hang out in there were pinball and video games. I liked science fiction and fantasy, and their place was full of this stuff. I liked swimming and there was a pool there, I loved BBQ and they had a magnificent one, and there were all kind of things a child could have wanted to have at home. Whereas in my family, my parents’ answer to many things and requests was ‘no’. With those people the opposite happened: I could do whatever I wanted. Do you want more food? Eat it. Do you want to smoke your first cigarette? Here it is. Do you want drugs? Please, help yourself. Do you want sex? You are welcome. Everything was allowed there. The important thing was not to tell anything to your parents. It looked like a fantastic place to me”.

You have mentioned abortion rituals and magic… Did you make other sacrifices in Satan’s name? “When I was 14-year old, they organized an orgy for us, all the males from 12 to 15 years, and a woman who was older than 18 years, with the sole goal of getting pregnant; I was explained that a few months later there would have been an abortion and that they wanted me to help them. I did not have the slightest idea of what an abortion was.  I remembered having heard my parents mentioning it in a low voice and thought it was a dirty word. Then I went back to my sect and asked them what it was. They told me that I would have had to kill the child that woman was carrying. They did not say I had to destroy an agglomerate of cells or tissue or anything like that, they said explicitly I would have had to kill the child”.

Your first abortion? “It was in a house situated in the countryside, with better sanitary conditions than in many clinics I happened to go to later. We had a group of men who prayed and made magic and a group of women on the ground that were swivelling back and forth while repeating  “our body belongs to us”. By the end of the ritual they seemed possessed. The young woman was lying on a gynaecological bed; besides me and the doctor there were 13 more people, among the most important and powerful in our sect. They were standing in around the bed and were preparing everything for the ritual. I have made 146 abortions as a Satanist, 5 of which in my old sect and 141 as a High Sorcerer of a larger group.

What does this mean to the Satanists? The Satanic sects I have met thought it was necessary to kill in order to be in Satan’s grace. If a cat or a dog is the best you can offer, it is fine, but the devil wants human lives. In America, after the law on abortion was approved in 1973, 53 million babies were killed.

Are the doctors in these clinics members of Satanist sects or have any links with them? Satanists and witches work inside these clinics both as doctors and in the administration. It is also possible that in some of them there are no Satanists at all and that they are doing what they are doing for money alone; whichever the case, to kill a baby for money does not make you any less evil… At any rate, when abortion was legalized, Satanists celebrated it for weeks.

What impact can a prayer have  on contrasting these phenomena? I will tell you about an  episode, that happened to me. During the rituals, usually I looked for the baby with the scalpel, poked it, then passed on the baton to the doctor who completed the operation; but when I put my hands inside that one woman, I found nothing. The woman was saying that she was pushing so as to make it come out and that it had to be there, yet I could not feel it.  Nor did the doctor. The woman was shouting at us, yelling that the baby was coming out and the doctor said: ”ok, your cervix is dilated, but the baby is not in the opening. We were standing there with that woman in front of us who was saying that it was coming out, but there was no baby in sight. There was blood on my hands, yet there was nobody there. Then we heard the crying of a child, we looked down and the baby was out. It was there, born without having been seen; but we did not kill babies who were already born alive out of fear to end up in prison. We had no idea of how this could have happened, and similar episodes happened 3 more times afterwards, and there were always people who prayed outside the clinic.

Have there been any consequences after you left the sect? When I abandoned Satanism, I sought shelter in a church, one of those I previously wanted to destroy. Then I left the country and started to work for people who allowed me not to sign a contract and paid me cash. In America we call it ”working under the table”. 3 years passed this way, without me having any contacts with people I used to know. In the end, I entered the Catholic Church in 2008 and the same year, in July, I talked for the first time during a conference. Since I have started to work with All Saints Ministry in October of 2011 we have become more popular, and we have started to receive threats from Satanic groups”.

How do you live your conversion and how do you see your future? “I recite the rosary every day and try to go to mass with the same frequency. We are also trying to make a “novena” every day, but not always we can make it. Sometimes we are busy, other times we forget about it. I have many emails to answer, phone calls, and interviews to do. Therefore I am busy. And this gives food for thought: every relationship requires time. Whether you are married, or seeing someone, or Catholic, relationships do not come into being by themselves. They need commitment. I have a relation with God and it requires commitment from me”.

Do you have any evidence of what you are telling us? “When I was doing those things, I never thought I would have had to take pictures with those people or make them sign. It is the story of my life told by me, only things that I have done. But I tell them publicly, aware of putting myself at risk…”

No objective proofs, therefore. This can certainly leave with some perplexities and trigger some doubts. Yet the story of Zachary King has gone viral in the United States. It invaded the message boards of the social networks Overseas, and figured in many radio and TV programs. It was important, therefore, to make it known also in the other hemisphere, aware of the power with which such a history can open our eyes onto an unknown and dangerous world. It is not a mystery that evil acts in many shapes, and that certain rites come close – and sometimes even exceed – the limits of the criminal code as well as ethics. This is a fact delivered by crime news. But a Satanist  who comes out of the infernal circle in order to embrace faith in Christ is not so frequent…

(In cooperation Claudio Venturelli)

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