Our destiny is in our hands

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It has been the worst crisis ever. The most serious of the current generation. It has produced terrible damages for our society and our economy. And the consequences are still here, in front of us. So the suffering in people’s life. That is the most important thing.

Still, in 2015, thanks to a sequence of positive external events, a favorable juncture was created, especially generated by an unhoped-for oil price decrease and an efficient action of Mario Draghi European Central Bank. Pay attention; this doesn’t mean that the crisis is over and everything is solved. It means that now it’s up to us. Especially to us. The negative impact is over, in certain moments of these years dramatically negative, caused by everything happened in the world.  An impact that ended to make insufficient the great recovery efforts that Italy have made. For a long time the perspective that the abyss was near and that the unfavorable trend wouldn’t be inverted, was inevitable.

But now we can say with emphasis that fate is in our hands. The negative external conditions disappeared. In the place of them, a positive picture that, if we act good, will lead to growth. It’s the chance we cannot miss. It’s good to know and to dramatize the size. It depends on the community spirit and the collective business that will generate. “to go further” depends on us, in contrast to the solitary self that, unfortunately, represents the inner temptation of one of the worst Italian vices.

This is the time to invest in the future generation of Italy, for those who received experiences and education. Generations which, in contrast to the previous, expiate the lack of education places, political thought building and idea and effort sharing. I think that good politics and modern politics constitutes the only and necessary answer to the urgent struggle of our society and our country.

Based on “Andare insieme, andare lontano”

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