Sheep without a shepherd

  • Italiano

Sheep, is at present, advanced in science and knowledge; it seems they know everything, they do not need guidance, education, learning nor listening. The same concept of flock has changed, because, despite they seem to go together in the same direction, actually they do not relate to each other; they do not even know each other, they have lost the sense of belonging.

We see many people who walk along the same path without interacting… except threatening and defending themselves. These sheep do not know whom to follow because they do not recognize the shepherd’s voice, who is so distracted by intrigues and personal benefit, so busy in material business that he does not remind his children’ names. Moreover, he forgets he has a flock. So the flock is ready to split, losing the capability to rely its own guidance.

This is the sad condition of many civil and religious realities. Disappointing leaders, rulers distant from the social fabric, politicians who are incompetent and disinterested in their own voters, parents and teachers incoherent and inefficient in education because they have lost their credible. Not to mention my own “species”, priests and few prelates, so busy just as “Marta, Marta”, agitated and busy on so many fronts, in doing so they ignore the most important thing, that is, to lay at Jesus feet and listen to him.

Without a real, authentic and devoted spiritual life, we become instruments that are out of tune and annoying. Our community is like that flock of sheep unaware of its destination. The bleat is that annoying idle chatter made of empty words, useless complaints, excessive screams, senseless criticisms. Men are annoyed even by themselves and the other can easily become an enemy to defeated.

In a period of tribulations, many bishops and priests were trusted because they were real shepherds and so an anchor for the community, ready to sacrifice everything for their people. Until the 70’s they were considered worthy of a certain sacred respect, because there was a popular belief that they were consecrated by the Lord himself to lead a precise mission on his behalf.

In the West everything has changed with informational technologies and social emancipation. Technology takes the place of the dialogue in a surreptitious way. We believe we can satisfy everything with the “machine” and we forget about the “Man”.

The birth of Internet and the flood of social network, on the one hand, allows to freely express ourselves and be heard, on the other hand, it enables sheep to create “a good virtual shepherd”, being instead in need of a real one.

We continue to follow the flock but often we do not see who the guide is. Intolerance and aggressiveness grow, everyone is discouraged by a presuming omniscience. For some Catholics the roles are inverted; those new Christians fervent feel above failure in sentencing with a light heart even the Pope.

Everyone thinks or deceives himself into thinking (s)he understands everything before the other moves. There is a monstrous arrogance and a fatal conceit that is killing our society like a virus. The so-called shepherds have surely their share of responsibility. Community does not need clowns or mercenaries. Christianity split in the name of God could only implode. So the catholic Church, if it does not teach with vigor and testify the ground of its mastery raveled by the Gospel, the value of obedience and humility, the power of clemency and purity and faith in the prayer.

Especially the Church needs shepherds who do not conduct a double or triple life! This can be only devil’s work. If there is no strong conversion of this mystical and civil body the world will self-destruct, giving way to the numerous crows and owls who are so popular at present. The first serious symptom is to see shepherds without sheep, and this means that society and religious rulers are mocked and defamed.

The flock is so scattered because of the false shepherds who propose a fake kindness, without actual love. Chaos between refugees, markets, countries in war are an additional signal of a decline which will bring to destruction, to an unprecedented world war.

There is no more time to whisper or to accuse someone¸ neither to create scapegoats nor to point our fingers; world needs someone who is ready for action, for doing good deeds. It needs new Saints.

It is horrible to see Isis crucifying new martyrs, bu beware of becoming producers of unbearable crosses. Sometimes we pretend to teach something that we personally cannot testify. We want to impose our burden on the shoulders of those who are weaker, while being unable to bear the same burdens ourselves.

This blindness is shameful, a cruel way to proceed. Walking together, sheep and shepherds, is something else.


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