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The victims of the infamous September 11, 2001 do not end at the dramatic number of 2,782 (2,763 people: 2,165 of them inside the skyscrapers, 441 victims among policemen and firemen, 157 – aboard the planes. Besides, there are the numbers concerning the terrorists: 19, aboard 4 different aircrafts). Unfortunately, 14 years later we must add, at least 1,140 more of them, killed by an unexplainable wave of tumours.

Hence,  there is not only Marcy Borders’s story, the so-called “Dust Lady” who has become the symbol of September 11 who died at the age of 42 because of a stomach tumour.  Many, too many people who worked, lived or studied near the Twin Towers were struck by cancer.


The disease seems to have developed due to exposure to toxins raised by the collapse of the towers, even if – although this hypothesis is not to be excluded – according to the authorities, there is not enough scientific evidence yet to support with certainty that there is a direct connection between the disease and the dust.

The topic – as already said – has re-emerged after the death of ‘Dust lady’: Marcy Borders has become the symbol of September 11 thanks to a photograph in which she appears entirely covered with dust. Now she has died of stomach cancer. Borders has always claimed that the disease developed as a result of the attack on the Twin Towers and the inhaled dust. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer at 42 years. A disease that could have been triggered by the consequences of the tragedy which filled her body with toxins, as report several American media, including the New York Post.

Marcy, from Bayonne, New Jersey, by September 11 had been working for just one month at the Bank of America. This is when the tower in which she was working was hit by one of two planes hijacked by terrorists. She disobeyed her manager and fled from the building. By so doing she saved her life.

Ground Zero is currently preparing for yet another day of silence, in two weeks, that will be interrupted only by the sound of the bell that will recall the victims. But this tolling, in light of what is  going on, will not seem to be enough.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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