MOROCCO, RELIGIOUS LEADERS TOGETHER FOR PEACE The Global Forum promoted by UN, Kaiciid and the League of Wise Muslims of Morocco finished today

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More than 30 spiritual guides from different countries and confessions reunited in Morocco for two days. They were in Fez for the first global forum promote by the UN Office of The Special Adviser on The Prevention of Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect), the interreligious platform KAICIID (Kind Abdullah wanted it, its headquarter is in Vienna), the Mohammedia and the League of Wise Muslims of the Reign of Marocco.

This meeting is part of a program started in 2011 by the UN High Commission of Human Rightsafter meetings in Rabat and Ginevra; involving KAICIID meant hoping for an “interreligious dialogue as an essential mean for the intervention of religious guides in preventing religious abuses and tensions among communities”. The meeting is the first of a long series of forums that are going to be organized in different countries. The program was discuss in Fez – historic town of the wise Islamic tradition, where one of the first university in the world was built and the home of influent holy and wise people.

Hence, as militants of the Caliphate are leading the holy war against the Christian western world, and some European countries invoke Crusades against the Islam, in Morocco, religions are peacefully discussing and searching th grounds of a shared spirituality. Besides Adama Dieng (Un Special Councilor for Prevention of Genocide) and Faisal bin Mu’ammade (General Secretary of KAICIID), many scholars and religious people attended the forusm. For Hinduism, Swami Agnivesh from India; for Judaism, Rav David Rosen from Jerusalem; for Buddhism, Sam Art Oeun from Cambodia; for Orthodox Christianity, Metropolita Emanuel Adamakis from Greece; for Catholic Chriostianity, Cardinal John Onaiyakan from Nigeria and Mons. Miguel Ayuso from the Vatican; for Protestant Christianity, Pastor James Wuye from Nigeria; for Sunnite Islamism, Ahmad Al-Abbadi, general secretary of Mohammedia – League of Wise Muslims of the Reign of Morocco; for Shiite Islamism, Maythan Al Salman from Bahrain. Every faith, belief and confession is represented without distinction.

“Some religious authorities at the Forum of Fez connected criminal atrocities to legal problems due to lack of freedom and equality of religious pluralism, other problems are connected with social alienation, poverty and ignorance – said the vice president of Italian COREIS, imam Yahya Pallavicini who spoke more than once during the forum – Although, we do agree with these analysis, they do not appear to justify the violent reaction of those massacring entire families in order to “do justice” to the lost religious confession. On the contrary, these criminals gather people around them and make them believe their revolution is the solution to social problems. These kind of violence flows from the arrogant invalidation of authentic teachers and the lack of awareness of the traditional heritage of the humanity testified by religions”.

“In order to prevent the destruction of religious contests and life in general – said the Imam Pallavicini – it is necessary to defend our identity and real religious guides against false teachers with no theological or spiritual authority; moreover, the coordination among institutions and wise people of different religious beliefs is necessary to promote information and prevent degeneration of education”

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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