“GIVE HONOR TO MARRIAGE AND FAMILY AGAIN” The Holy Father continued his speech on ‘Men and Women He Created Them’, this morning during the audience

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This morning, during the usual audience, Pope Francis continued his speech on the theme “Men and Women He Created Them” and on family. His spoke about their alliance, and he tried to identify the causes dividing and making them suspicious towards one another. “Today, I would like to complete the reflection on the second story, in the second chapter. Here, we read that the Lord, after he created the earth, created men. This is the highest point in the creation. However, there is something missing. Then God puts the man in a beautiful garden so that he could harvest and cherish it”.
God gives the man a creature made from his, the woman, who is complementary, not subordinated to the man. Between them, there should be a dynamic reciprocity, said the Pope. “The Holy Spirit, who inspired the whole Bible, described the man alone, he is missing something if the woman is not there. And this is can give a hint on the thought of God, and His feelings as He watches Adam alone in the garden: he is free, he is lord … but he is alone- and this is no good: communion is missing, fulfilling is missing. This is no good – said God – I want someone equal to him that can help him. When God introduces the woman, the man understands that this one creature, just this one, is part of him: bone of its bones, and flesh of my flesh. There is a reflection, a reciprocity. In addition, when someone wants to help someone else, he has to give his hand to someone, he need someone in front of him, otherwise he is missing reciprocity. Thus was the man, he was missing something to be fulfilled and reciprocity. The woman is not a copy of the man; she was created by God himself”.

Then the Pope continues explaining that sin came between them, and it brought distrust and division; thus, Francis underlined that the social misevaluation of the stable and creating alliance between men and women. This misevaluation makes everyone lose something. “God entrusted men and women with the earth. He trusted them directly and completely. Nevertheless, the devil brings suspicion, incredulity and mistrust between them. Let us think about the excess of patriarchalism. Let us think about machoism that consider women as if they were ‘second class’. Let us think about commercialization of women’s bodies in today’s culture of media. Let us think about the viral mistrust, skepticism and hostility in our culture concerning the alliance between men and women that can create intimacy in communion and in cherishing the dignity generated by differences”.

It is necessary to give marriage and family their honor again, to reinforce this alliance through the reciprocity of men and women. God Himself cherishes and protects human couples: The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. (Genesis 3:21)

Translation provided by Mary Ann D’Costa

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