SCHOOL REFORM, MAY 5 CAAL FOR GENERAL STRIKE Flc-Cgil, Uil, Cisl have called for a general school-strike, Gilda-Unams, Snals Confsal,-against the bill on "good schooling"

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Protests are still continuing the protest against the bill for school reform. In Parliament on Friday, adn in Rome in piazza SS. Apostoli on Saturday, the announcement of school workers general strike called on May 5 by the unions in the sector during the manifestation of Msw. “This is the first rally after the Bill passed by the government and believe that we all should proceed with a general strike,” said the Secretary-General of Cgil, Susanna Camusso, attending the event.

“When you put your hands on matters without having any knowledge and competence, you end up like the sorcerer’s apprentice and risk doing irreparable damages. This is what Renzi’s government is doing “, says Francesco Scrima, Secretary General of the Cisl school, speaking to the protesters. “You do not change the school system without involving those who work there, or worse, against those who work there. Teachers, Ata staff, managers are the drivers of our school, and are our most valuable resource. It is thanks to them if our school works every day and works well even among so many difficulties. Expecting to change the school without knowing about their problems, knowing about their experience, their expertise, is an act of presumption and it is also the reason why we have for months witnessed different proposals each time,, often even extravagant, but always too far from what the school really needs to change for the better “.

The ICFTU calls on the government to pass a law on the hiring of precarious-job school workers. ‘ ‘ The teachers’ and school staff’s protests are to be respected, “said union leader, Annamaria Furlan. “This government is the one that has passed the most bills. Then, she added, let it immediately pass a bill for the hiring in schools “. “You don’t make reforms on online consultations. The real school is that of the constitution, of participation and collegiality. These all, are missing on the government’s Bill. This is why we wish to review it again ‘.

“The bill on the school reform be blocked, we ask th government to lend an ear to our protests.We should turn up in huge numbers to protest and 5 May, iso t to be intended as the end of a period of struggle, but the beginning, at the cost of also striking during the ballot phase”. So Rino di Meglio, national coordinator of the Association of teachers, from the stage of the event. “We hve shared core values that are now in danger. We must ensure that schools are all closed, it is a battle that we shall win if we show our unity “against a bill that” undermines the constitutional requirements, “such as” the direct hiring of teachers “.

According to the Secretary General of the Flc Cgil, Mimmo Pantaleo “unions have submitted proposals, that were not only limited to a no” to a measure. “We ask the President of the Republic to intervene – he added – because they are walking over the Italian Constitution”. “We will not stop, we have to all strike and, if they were to continue, we would go ahead, authoritatively”.

The protests are however regarded as “normal” by the government. “We are making an extraordinary school reform that is revolutionary. It is quite normal – said the under-Secretary for education, Davide Faraone – that there be mistrust and conservatism. We listen and we shall listen to everyone, up to the last useful day for approval in Parliament. It is clear, however, that we are changing the school for the better making it more productive and more connected to the world of work and to the territory. We are confident that this reform will have very positive effects on our society “.

The Minister for Education, Stefania Giannini has commented with a tweet on the proclamation of a general strike: “I respect those who strike. We are trying to build consensus around #labuonascuola, cultural revolutionary “reform. The Minister said she was certain that when the reform “would be fully understood by all, there will be an acceptance of it but above all even a broader participation than the one we have found.”

The reform bill has met with op position but proceeds to go its own way, and the next week will go through a crucial phase: Monday is the expiry deadline for tabling amendments whose eligibility will be assessed Tuesday, then move onto the next day when they will be taken under consideration whether the proposals on the amendments are deemed appropriate or not.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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