Je suis chretien

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A lesson for us all. Europeans, of the west. Pharisees like those who two thousand years ago with their hypocricy assisted the crucifixion of Christ on Golgotha. A lesson becuase the Pope’s incessant plea is not enough to arouse the conscious and engage people to stop the persecution of Christians. Since early January following the massacre in Paris, we all became Chiarlie Hebdo, even those who did ot agree with the satirical blasphemy. A few weeks thereafter, the attacks in Copenhagen witnessed less indignation, but more fear. Of course noone, in the so-called civilised world, took to the squares. The wave of outrage was newly refuelled following the massacre at the Bardo Museum in Tunis. But few said “Je suis Bardo” despite the protests of solidarity expressed by the governments in Tunisia.

In Siria, in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Kenya the militias that refer to the Isis have enacted a plan for the clearing up of all religions wiping out Christians and destroying the Churches.. The squares of Europe, if one had to exclude that of St.Peter’s, have not filled with crowds showing slogans against these massacres. Oly some declaration for electoral purposes made by professional pharisees in politics.

Pope Francis has appealed to the International community to moobilise against these savage atrocities. It has nothing to do with a war on religion but with a strategy to spread terror focused on Christians, the same Muslims, Shiites aand Sunnites, ethnic minorities, and a culture ‘ tout court.’ Europe, too full of a weak thought, still in awe with what occurred in the two world conflicts in the 20th century, is very frightened. The culture of waiting to see. Hypocrite. Above all, it lacks a Christian identity, lost with the enlightenment and relativism.

Charlie Hebdo were also Christians of a sincere faith. But no agnostic layman professes himself to be “chretien”. This is a victory for the Jihadist terrorists: they have succede in instilling so much fear as the Nazis did at the end of the 30s in the twentieth century , which resulted in people being impassive to the deportation and the killling fo the Jews. In the Middle-East “genocide” of the Christians is uder way. Our inertia could induce it to continue. We may not even believe in Christ and His Church, but at least now we cry “je suis chrétien.”

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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