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The black flags of Isis are waving just a few kilometres away from Damascus. The Syrian capital, one of the most ancient cities in the world, is preparing itself for a decisive battle, whch could change the balance in the Middle-East. It all began with the invasion of a Palestinian refugee camp Yarmuk, situated on the vast outskirts of the metropolis. A strategic area which has allowed the Caliphate to launch a fierce battle for the conquest of the city.

The activists have already drawn a first estimate of the attack, which has also supposed to have led to the decapittion of 9 Palestinian militants who attempted to defend the city. Branded terror which has brought the men of Al Baghdadi in all the countries where they have spread their dominion. According to local reports, what could be decisive in the outcome of the conflict, could be the unusual alliance of the Isis with Alqaedists of Al Nusra, who are hostile to the regime of Assad. It is neverthless, still too early to say whether it concerns a further step of the former Bin Laden terrorist group to move towards the Caliphate, so dreaded the previous week. Needless to say, with this alliance the fierce power of the Islamic state has been dramatically reinforced, permitting it to penetrate strategic areas in Damascus, which could soon have the black flag hoisted.

The clashes to take control of the refugee camps, which houses 18 thousand civilians, started Wednesday last, on the one side the Isis militia and on the other Palestinian groups against Assad.
According to local activists, Hatem al-Dimashqi, the clashes continued yesterday morning too. Sandwiched in between two fronts, in addition to those of the government who is said to have used barrel-bombs in the attempt to ward off the Jihadists, thousands of refugees, many of whom are women elderly people and children. Besides, according to reports from Syria by the Panarab Lbanese Almayadeen, al Nusra is said to have abducted 300 Kurds in the area of Dana, on the outskirts of Idlib. Similarly in Libya, therefore, where the political instability together with a bloody civil war in Syria have ended up in facilitating the Caliphate’s troops and the militia of fundamentalists, who are getting all the more closer to Israel and the Mediterranean..

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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