Why politics needs Catholics

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A politics animated by an authentic Christian inspiration is, and can only be the natural aspiration of every lay believer consistent with his principles and attentive to the common good.

The doctrine and the teaching of the Church and the common feeling of the People of God on the point is unchanged. For everybody, the Decree Apostolicam Actuositatem of the Second Vatican Council that I would like to recall here: “Catholics, skilled in politics, and as it is natural, firmly anchored to the faith and to the Christian doctrine, do not refuse public offices, being able by means of them, to worthily exercise and provide for the common good and at the same time to open the way for the Gospel”. (Decree on the Apostolate of the laity para. 14)

Today instead the question of the need for a party of Catholics that may put in order and may be able to face the new political, economic and social scenarios that are overwhelmingly under the spotlights in our postmodern and global society, in the in the light of the principles and of the teachings of the Social Doctrine of the Church suitably revisited, is still open. This is a stinging question because the Catholic world has still not metabolized after 25 years, the painful, unexpected and disastrous end of the Italian Democrazia Cristiana, event for which still lacks an accurate historical analysis. But it hurts a lot even the resignation and the mistrust that seems to have now took over all the Italian Catholics after the unfortunate electoral outcomes of the groups and movements that did not stop and tried in vain to bring back a past which however does not return and cannot return anymore.

But the question of a new presence of a Catholic party is there and is urgent. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the ideologies that have supported it from Yalta onwards, we powerlessly witnessed to the failure of financial capitalism and the damage that this has caused taking over the phenomenon of globalization – in itself positive for the destiny of humanity and in any case unavoidable – and of its management, generating injustice, poverty, planetary inequalities, biblical migrations instead of creating the conditions for a better social balance, as we expected and hoped.

In Italy, the bipolarism and its failure, have not corrected the errors generated by the parties of the First Republic and the country has slipped into an unprecedented economic crisis, diminished only by the welfare, indeed wanted and built by Catholics in the last century. And today we can breathe an air of uncertainty, of eve of events with unpredictable consequences. On the horizon, we can see the outline of the same clouds that we saw in the months preceding January 1968, while in the University students were fighting against the non-forgotten law Gui, the 2314. I do not dwell on the social degeneration that the spread of the radical culture has caused and inspired.

What is certain is that for the Catholics that are thoughtful and attentive to the common good it is the time to go back on the field to be the carrier pin of a project for rebuilding a new moral, political and cultural unity of the country. We need to reconstruct and reunite Italy for the third time.

The first time Italy was unified in its Constitution by those Catholics intransigent that brought and introduced in the Savoy State, bourgeois and elitist, the rural population first and workers then; classes that were marginalized and without any representation. It was the time of the cooperatives, of the Leagues, of the municipalities. And Italy ruled after Caporetto, contrary to what happened to the tsarist Russia.

The second time Italy was reunified and relaunched towards the future after the wounds of defeat and the civil war, by Catholics democrats who gathered around the Democrazia Cristiana knew how to guarantee to the country the freedom regained and to create and then consolidate the dynamic alliance between the bourgeois and workers and rural classes, in a unique season of reforms, freedom and progress.

Now at the turn of the end of the decade 2008-2018, the one of the biggest economic depression and of social disintegration, Catholics, with their ideas and their ethical vision and therefore their new party must resume the initiative and place themselves at the centre of the political scene. But to avoid the errors and the naivety of the past, the various attempts of Todi just to understand, it is necessary to lay down in advance and with clarity the points and principles on which to operate the rebuilding and relaunch of Italy and Europe.

This must be done in the free and serene confrontation and starting from the actual datum and the prerequisite. The data for which the political unity of Catholics is not a dogma, but a conquest that can be painfully and laboriously reached starting from the division and fracture existing today and unfortunately evident.

Therefore, a convergence between diversities that without losing their identity and specificity, accept shared and clear points which are the natural watershed between who is inside the project and who is outside; a manifesto for a new political season.

I would like to draft the first three indispensable conditions that I consider non-negotiable and to be put as foundation of the rebirth of Italy leaving to the free debate the clarification of the others, which follow in cascade and in corollary. They are: a rigorous politics pro-life and in defence of the family founded on the pact of love between man and woman; an expansive economic model, anti-recession, attentive to the weakest classes and aimed at reducing the social differences that today divides the rich from the poor by destroying the middle classes; a new model of Europe truly fair and therefore united but federal, and founded and supported by its Christian roots and not by the administrative rigidity of an invasive bureaucracy, selfish and blind.

Utopia?! Perhaps. But if it is true that “historia non facit saltus” it is no less true that the history periodically gives its coughs. And gives them when courageous and daring men design and then realize the utopia. But this is just a moment of history in which we need courageous and daring men able to know how to make history cough. I think that these men today can only be Catholics with the ideals that support and animate them.

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