How do you fight corruption

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Police gives to society a service, through the maintenance of public order,  revealed as the indicator of the democratic quality of the country and civil sensibility of its government political system.This is the true essence of democracy, which claims the right balance between freedom and legality.Our health can not be determined  by consumption, but also by the efficiency of the services that a State makes to the community as: security, justice and the culture of legality, hoping a renewed morality of public life.

Degenerative and immoral events give always the impression of being on the rise, we should be more aware that the lawlessness and the absence of security can ruin a healthy society. Our State must ensure equity in resources distribution as well as the sacrifices, certainly we can not tolerate tax evasion levels like the present, the levels of corruption reported by the Court of Auditors, both factors are incompatible with a balanced fiscal exchange, and it reflects the credibility and quality of government policy. We can not remove the problem of corruption from the general context, we need to work on basic choices, opening the way to legality and economic development.

Development, security of citizens, institutions efficiency are inseparably linked to the culture of legality, issues and problems connected together where each one influences the other in a positive or negative way. In these two and a half years, coinciding with the Government and  Dr. Cantone nomination to the Anac guide, we recorded a sensitivity and a stronger visible fight  against corruption. It is true that in the last three years in legislation field, we have made progress, considering that has been transformed and aggravated the system of sanctions against corruption. This is the reason why the same role of Anac, especially for the choices made by the executive, it has become with our joy, increasingly influential.At the same time we continue to have demonstrations of the news that give at least the impression that the corruption phenomena are increasing, beyond certain statistics on the perception of corruption.

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