The price of modernity

  • Italiano

This society is suffering from the “Aquarium Syndrome”. To know the ideas and feelings of a person, even it is a person who is dear to us, there is no need to meet, talk, or even write, as it happened in the past. Even the beautiful love declarations are gone; yet, just a few years ago – in a period today’s young people consider to be prehistory – lovers wrote each other. The most sentimental ones even used perfumed letters.

Today it makes us laugh, but back in times poets and novelists challenged each other on the topic of love. At present, it is enough to open FB or some other social, and you will find all sorts of things, even videos showing blood tests and mad racing, nighttime, risking one’s own and other people’s lives.

Not to mention confessions, so to say, with photos, which concern moments of life one would have concidered to be “private” once. Not even politicians, the so-called VIP, heads of statem or religious leaders are immune to this.

Words are disappearing, giving way to signs, symbols, and smiles – the same our ancestors used to draw on stones -, but we use our computers instead of rocks.

Even books, with their special smell, are losing their function and charisma, giving way to photos and clever phrases, many of which are copied from the Internet. In short, imagination and sentiment seem to give way to information technology.

Is this the price to pay for an evolving civilization that affects, to some degree, all categories and people?! The Holy Father who invites cloistered nuns not to waste time on Fb and devote more of it to contemplation and prayer is heartwarming. Who knows, perhaps it is possible to spread messages of love also on social networks these days. After all, it is better to see technological nuns who reveal cloisters’ secrets than the terror communications that poison our lives on a daily basis.

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