Forgotten culture

  • Italiano

We live in a paradox. Italy is a beacon for the millennial culture of the entire planet and this is unquestionable. The same is true – unfortunately – for Italy’s inability to valorize what history has bequeathed it. Italians are also a generous people, ready to help the others; our courses of studies educate people with excellent skills. But we are “schizophrenic”, we put effort in certain things and waste energy elsewhere, we show our value abroad and are criticized at home.

These days, we experience the last of these paradoxes, which is nice on the one hand and sad on the other: in fact, Italy is the first country in the world to have formed its Blue Helmets for the culture. Personnel under the UN banner is destined to run for the planet to intervene in crisis areas for the protection of culture or art damaged or at risk due to earthquakes, wars, and disasters of all kinds. Palmira sacked by ISIS, Nepal devastated by the earthquake, Iraq: all possible destinations for the action of the Blue Helmets. Thirty civilians and thirty military men (from the ministry, but also from Opificio delle Pietre Dure and restoration schools) who in the last few weeks have completed their first training course “United For Heritage” to be ready to respond to the first call.

Yet, it would be enough to look around to begin to act. Italy is full of archaeological, cultural, and historical sites that are abandoned, underexploited, or closed for lack of staff or funds for routine maintenance. Every time you put a spotlight on something, as it happened long ago in Sicily, where a report of the Ust Cisl and FP Cisl of Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Enna photographed – in the true sense of the term – the abandonment of the most important places in the history of Sicily, in Caltanissetta, Gela, Mazzarino, Marianopoli, San Cataldo. Sites left in a state of serious shabbiness, and at times of total neglect. Despite the ads and elusive tourism development programs, the real situation is quite different. It happens in Sicily and elsewhere in the country. It might be populist, but in addition to seeing the Blue Helmets team ready to intervene in areas at risk, I would like to see a task force of tricolor Helmets that works hard to save Italy.

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