The roots of evil

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With the Charlie Hebdo massacre, they tried to kill freedom of expression. With the massacres in Bataclan and other places of aggregation in Paris, they attacked freedom to rejoice, to be young, freedom to live. Yet, a war has not begun simply because we have been at war for 14 years now: since the tragic September 11 when the Twin Towers came down in the New York attack, when Islamic terrorism began to strike masses of defenseless western civilians ”in their home”.

Some people still pretend they do not know it, but the results are the following: since 2001 victims of terrorism quadrupled. Despite the huge amounts of money invested in the so-called “peace-keeping missions” in the theaters of war and despite the thousands of lives lost both among soldiers and civilians, also Arabs. And now, we delude ourselves that bombing Raqqa or some other outpost of the caliphate can change things. Perhaps with the same old “lynx-eyed” drones which see less than Mr Magoo and end up razing to the ground entire villages full of women and children. Long story short: precisely as the terrorists.

If after 14 years of applying this policy we discover that in the European capitals one cannot go safely to the theater, to the stadium and to many other places, perhaps we have committed a few strategic mistakes. Starting from foreign policy, where we have not been able to dissociate from the iniquitous choices of the Western bloc inspired by the devilish theory of the lesser evil. Which is still evil. We have supported bloodthirsty tyrants such as Assad in Syria, coupists such as al Sisi in Egypt, and Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein before them, as well as the puppet governments we created ourselves in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just to give those peoples a nice example of our concept of democracy. What are we still doing in Afghanistan with our occupying troops after 14 years of useless guerrilla warfare?

An arm trafficker revealed to Reports, on the Italian channel Rai Tre, that ”ISIS is a creature of the West, armed in an anti-Iran function, which escaped our control”. According to the same source also Italy – without knowing it! – seems to have armed directly the ISIS militia when in February our services trained in Yemen 100 Arab fighters to be used against terrorists in Syria. But after having finished the training, in 36 hours all of them enrolled in the caliphate.

And can we say that Italy fights terrorism if it helps countries that forage terrorists and has warm relations with the Emirates that finance ISIS directly? How can we sell weapons and other miracles of our war industry to all the armed groups around the world waiting for them to come check them out on us?

Besides, there have been huge communicative, political and journalistic mistakes. Insulting, criminalizing and saying all sorts of evil things about all refugees probably can help one get votes, but equating all migrants to terrorists is the best way to make them really wield, sooner or later, the Kalashnikov or a belt of explosives. Push them into ghettos leads to this. We saw it in the Parisian banlieues, but we still do not want to understand it. Titles such as the one that appeared on Libero (an Italian magazine) “Muslim Bastards”, are not just disgusting (an action for which one should be struck off the professional register), it also pushes those Muslims who are more moderate to support ISIS.

And let us not forget our security policy when the Jubilee is around the corner and there is the threat of chemical weapons. A security that should guarantee police forces and the intelligence, has been constantly cutting their funds, staff, and resources during the last years. Trade unions denounce police cars that are out of order, old arms and now also the lack of thousands of bullet-proof vests. This is on what the spending review made cuts, being unable to affect the great privileges of the caste. Not to mention the many commissariats in default (there are dozens of them on the Italian territory) which have been unable to pay the rent for months now. Poor investigators, increasingly hindered in their daily work, also due to recent laws that make it even more difficult to arrests and intercept. Laws made on purpose, to guarantee another safety, that of the friends of the friends.

President Mattarella is right when he says that culture is a weapon to combat terrorism. We need a cultural revolution to help understand the difference between good and evil: in the Arab world, but also among ourselves.

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