The invasion

  • Italiano

Since a few years Italy has been facing an invasion of immigrants. Entire cities have been occupied by refugees; a structure intended for reception has been transformed into a village that is referred to as Alcatraz, and that is perhaps waiting to be closed or at least destined to be “relocated” also due to the European Court’s unfavorable judgment, that has marked our country as “unfriendly”, constraining us to pay a compensation to the asylum seekers.

We have heard opinions of all kinds on how to control this historic exodus: Navy ships that should hook the boats with the desperate refugees and take them back off coast without worrying about sensitivity nor about the respect for life that is in the nature of our military men, fisherman and sailors (because whoever has been at sea, knows that it is impossible for the commander of a vessel not to worry about a man or animal in difficulty in the water).   

Then there have been the proposals to bomb the boats with migrants, and after realizing that it was a stupid and shallow thing to say, they switched to drones and destruction of empty boats on the shores, before the arrival of those desperate people. The following idea has been that of the frogman on the Libyan coast (an act of war) and other amenities of the same kind. Today we hear talking only about shooting at the human traffickers. It is impossible to summarize all the fanciful solutions…

In the meantime, we continue to apply the reception procedures, standardized and modulated according to outdated laws and conventions.  The problem is growing every day, either because of the incredibly large number of desperate people who are fleeing, or out of inability of the politics to give concrete and valid answers.

Many parties have used and abused “the wave of refugees”, obtaining votes and consensus from the frightened and confused voters. After all, Italian politics has been always described with the word “emergency”. And it has been demonstrated by the many governments, that have succeeded one another every two years. Even America has warned Europe: “You will have to deal with it for the next 20 years”. This statement hides the concern of the United States about the risk that the exodus will spread also on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The European countries  that until yesterday told Italy that “it was its problem”, today are doing their best in order to appear as good Samaritans.

The touching picture of Merkel who caresses a Syrian child; but there have been many children, little children, who have found help on the Italian shore and sometimes, unfortunately, even funerals. We recorded the smile, the “open” doors, but only for a few days. Then Berlin has suspended Schengen. And borders are about to close also in Holland and in France.

Italy, currently distracted by the success of our two wonderful female tennis players, has proposed again the distribution of the migrants among European countries. But Schengen is increasingly at risk. Europe is expected from us strategies that are put off one month after another; also this time we are assigned the role of supporting players.

It would be a good idea for the Italian leaders to do the jobs they were entrusted with, represent people who voted for them and to stop advertising – perhaps in order to exorcise – a problem which is already familiar to everyone; stop going out in the streets and make proclamations in the squares, increasing thus fear and confusion, and feeding a general sense of insecurity, that spreads in the whole country.

The Italian Parliament members, well paid by the citizens, should finally describe to the international community the country’s inability to accept this mass of immigrants; they should not delude themselves nor the Italian citizens about the problem being handled with firmness and concreteness, while the truth is that the immigration growth will merely slow down during the winter.

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