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turia pitt

The skin blackened by burns has almost entirely erased her features. 800 days at the hospital and over 100 surgical interventions have not been enough to return a body that little before the fire had allowed her to walk on fashion runways and partake in numerous sports competitions.

Of her remain copious black hair, her smile and green eyes that today, more than ever, speak of the ability to start living anew. Her name is Turia Pitt, and besides having always been a gorgeous young woman, she studied hard to become a mining engineer.

In her life already rich in commitments and important achievements, the Turia has never neglected her relationship with Michael Hoskin. Their story is simple, genuine, born when they were still at school, a love story that has deep roots and that has been able to give its fruits in time, in spite of the storms that have challenged it over the years.

It is 2011 when Turia partakes in a 100-km marathon in the countryside surrounding the city of Kimberly, South Africa. Suddenly during the competition, she and other 5 competitors are trapped in a fire that broke out in a rocky gorge. There is no escape, flames envelop the group, and the intervention of the emergency services manages to avoid the worst.

Ambulances shoot in the direction of the nearest hospital where they do everything in their power to save the lives of the injured athletes. After a long time in the ICU, Turia wakes up between the walls of the clinic: physical and psychological suffering mingle together. She has lost command of the fingers on her right hand, the body pains her and the face is completely scorched.

There is, however, something between the folds of this sad story that is incredible. Michael, the young model’s boyfriend, during the days of her hospitalization, when she was still struggling between life and death with the certainty that, in case of survival, she would have left forever disfigured, decides to buy a diamond ring and ask Tiara to stay at his side forever.

While interviewing the man, CNN has dared to ask some questions to have explanations on a decision, that to many could seem foolish: “It is as if I had married her soul, she is the only woman who continues to fill my eyes”. A slap in the face of all those who have confused love with simple and fragile sentimentality whose duration in time is closely related to “feeling good”, “feeling something”, or pleasure.

Despite the fact that the burns have rendered the former models almost unrecognizable, Michael has continued to see her not only as the woman with whom he fell in love, but also the inner beauty that had fascinated him and that now shines more than ever behind face and body that are completely marred. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” said Einstein, and we can say, without doubt, that the Australian couple has been able to seize in the tragic event the opportunity to discover a greater and stronger love than they imagined.

Today Turia has abandoned fashion shows and works as a personal motivator. After a long time of rehabilitation she has made her return to sports and lately has crossed half Australia biking (from Sydney to Ayers Rock), has swum in a 20-km-long competition and walked the Great Wall of China. The magazine Women’s Weekly that awards every year a prize to women who distinguish themselves as a source of inspiration and a life example, has dedicated to Tiara an entire cover, showing the signs of burns without hiding a beauty that is unconventional, yet so valuable.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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