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7-year-old children will be able to “change sex” according to public records. They just have to go to the municipal offices and declare that they do not want to be boys anymore and so that they want to become girls, or vice versa, and that’s it. They will not need medical or psychiatric examinations, but just the consent of mom and dad. This is what happens in Norway, where the Ministry of Health, led by Bent Hoie, submitted to Parliament a bill on the extension of the rights of transgender people to minors.

That’s not all. The parental authorization’s limit is up just to 16 years. Beyond this threshold, the choice will be up to the individual only. Regarding the actual change of sex, by surgery, it is compulory to come of age.

Hoie has called it a “historic” proposal, which wants to extend also to minors the rights of transgender people, but that actually seems to restrain the willing of parents – that more and more often in today’s society decide to give birth to a creature just to satisfy their needs or to fit a certain status – to decide what sex they prefer their child to be.

The decision will be reversible, and for the State it should apply in all respects, from the passport to the tax code. A slap to those who argue that the theory of gender does not exist.

According to the Norwegian Minister of Health it is the government’s willingness “to change course, because the current government standards are unacceptable and have remained unchanged for nearly sixty years.” Needless to say, all the associations LGBT – acronym used as a collective term to refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people – have welcomed the proposal, because “it is very important that very young transsexual people see their gender identity respected” said Richard Koheler, a member of the lobby Transgender Europe.

Even the division of Amnesty International’s Scandinavian country, represented by Patricia Kaatee, who had repeatedly urged the government to take action on the matter, explains that it is a “basic human right of people to express their identity even in official documents” and she also expressed her particular appreciation to the desire to “pass over” the opinions of the doctors because “the only requirement that should be made to a person that wants to change his/her gender is his/her experience of gender identity, not a diagnosis.”

What is not clear is how it is possible that all the supporters of this bill believe – and are convinced – that a 7-year-old child can have the maturity and awareness to face a similar choice. Also how will they ensure that minors will not be “brainwashed” by their parents? What if they do it just to please mom or dad?

Preserving the carefreeness and the innocence of children: that’s what families and the State should do. Children and teenagers, because the future of our society, should be protected. The new bill, which will change sex at will, paradoxically, may let you do it more than once; It seems to have been designed not to ensure alleged “rights”, but to create a greater confusion in the new generations.

“To be or not to be, that is the question” is one of the most famous lines of Hamlet, the tragedy by William Shakespeare, which expresses the confusion of the protagonist. A sentence that in our days could sadly turn into “What to be?”.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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