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On the web, a new “game” – not harmless at all – is overflowing and drawing the attention of the minors. It is called “Charlie Charlie Challenge” and it is alarming not only the ministers of the Church – first of all, the exorcists – but also educators, teachers, and lay doctors. The latest idea in terms of “young entertainment” – we should ask which occult minds are hidden behind these great inventions – consists in evoking a demon. Not metaphorically, as one might hope. It is the real evocation of an “evil spirit” called Charlie. The aim would be to evoke this entity to ask him questions about current and future events, to which the creature will answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by moving a pencil placed on a grid.

It is easy to understand the real intention hidden behind “Charlie Charlie Challenge”: to bring the minors closer to the dark world. It is a real séance simplified for children and adolescents. During this psychic meeting, version 2.0, the medium is replaced by participants – often very young – and the “yes/no” grid is just a variation of the so-called Ouija board, used “to make the spirits speak”. The board consists of a flat surface, usually made of shiny wood, on which you can find the alphabet, the numbers from 0 to 9, a “yes” and a “no”, and a mobile indicator. The users make questions to unspecified entities, that would answer them by moving the indicator on the letters and numbers drawn on the surface, assembling the answer.

The origins of “Charlie Charlie Challenge” are unknown, but on the spiritual level there is no doubt that its creator is the devil. On the web there are just incomplete news that would trace the practice to that of the South American six pencils, because the dynamics of the evocation would be similar. But this information is absolutely false, it disguises a far more dangerous reality hidden behind this new deleterious “young fashion”, passed off as “pastime”. Occult hands for obvious reasons prefer to remain in the shadows, and they are succeeding in doing that. Their purpose is to initiate young people to occultism and Satanism. The “bubble” exploded in late April when a television station of the Dominican province of Hato Mayor transmitted a very alarming (and unintentionally funny) report on a “satanic game” fashionable among adolescent students of the schools.

Soon after the transmission of the report, Dominican users of social networks started to share it on Twitter, Instagram and Google. Result: by the middle of May, “Charlie Charlie” became one of the most tweeted words in the Dominican Republic, then easily spreading via web of other Spanish-speaking nations. In the meanwhile, during a weekend, a 17-year-old girl from Georgia (US) created the hashtag on Twitter #CharlieCharlieChallenge, and apparently everyone was waiting for this group, considering that since May it has been relaunched on the social network more than 1 million and 600 thousand times. It is paradoxical to note that the “Charlie phenomenon” was born from the attempt – failed – to hold back this “fashion” among young South Americans.

In fact, it is impossible to quantify the damage to the psyche and even more to the spirit caused by such “experiments” disguised as games. Just a few days ago, the Colombian newspapers talked about four teenage girls who have been hospitalized for severe hysterics after playing “Charlie”. The diagnosis was “mass hysteria with psychotic symptoms”, as reported by Juliana Cortazar, the director of the hospital. Once calmed down, the young girls were returned to their families and it is to be hoped that this bad experience will be a warning to others. In recent years, as the psychiatrists say, dozens of teenagers resorted to hospital care as a result of “contact” with demons or otherworldly entities during a seance.

The risks of evoking a demon “at home” have not gone unnoticed among the members of the Church. In fact, all the countless types of divination practices – from palm reading to necromancy, from horoscopes to spiritualism – have always been strongly discouraged by the church community, that continues to highlight the dangers of these practices. Already in the third century AD, the Christian apologists used to warn the wizards and the idolaters: “you ask the spirits, but then the devil answers”. It is impossible to play innocently with demons without opening windows – difficult to close again then – onto the world of darkness. Other spiritual practices are to be recommended: prayer, the sacraments, the Mass, the Rosary …

The fight against the spread of occult practices sees in the forefront the same exorcists. Father Amorth has repeatedly warned about the dangers of divination, “a booming fashion” – according to him. In fact, many people, moved by curiosity or by the desire to learn about past or future events, try to evoke the souls of the dead or “otherworldly entities” – sometimes presented by the unreal medium as guardian angels or benevolent creatures.

According to Father Amorth, this phenomenon is directly related to the crisis of faith, and there are two types of damage involved. In addition to the psychological trauma, the intervention of the devil causes serious spiritual damage: from “evil disturbs” to the real “demonic possession”. So, be careful not to trivialize: a game? Yes, but of the devil.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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