Esotericism, Satanism and exorcism

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Youth today, are more attracted by issues such as esotericism,  magic, occultism,Satanism, spiritism, witchcraft, vampirism, which know and accept Jesus Christ as the teacher. In fact, for some young people, they become their spiritual guides who, proposing a false freedom and illusory liberation, their actual  target i sto domainate their lives.


There is a document from the Episcopal Conference of  Campania1995, on the theme: «I am the Lord your God. ‘ Pastoral note about superstition, magic, Satanism. In it, the Bishops of Campania after an extensive introduction where they warn on the ‘ ideologies and religious practices which tend to adulterate or even to uproot  the Christian faith, replacing it with surrogates that alienate from Christ and His Church “, explain in great detail the superstitious practices, divination and magic and  Satanism.


Place the emphasis on the issue of the theft and desecration  of consecrated hosts and on the fact that magic rituals  provide widely furniture and objects used by the  Catholic faith, worn by unscrupulous individuals who appear on the screens of televisions ‘productions of private channels,  wearing stoles and showy crosses» free to put out their falsehoods penetrating into the homes and manipulating the most suggestable consciences of people “over the air” . ‘ Finally the bishops warn of exorcisms done by magicians and occultists, inviting the faithful to seek only authorized priests and in that regard the local ordinary.

The second document is the Tuscan bishops, divided in two parts, written twenty years apart from one another. The first: on  magic and Demonology, of 1994, begins by highlighting the current spread of magic and the reasons for this phenomenon.«Wizards and hoaxers, false prophets and self-styled illuminated who plagiarise adepts and extort money, presenting as “Revelations” and “secret truths” conceptions of life of a shocking poverty and-what is worse-deviating from the truth of the faith. ” The spread of magic – write the bishops-occurs mainly due to “a serious lack of evangelisation which does not allow the faithful to take a critical attitude towards proposals that are a surrogate of genuine religious sense and a sad sham of authentic content of faith». The second document which cam e 20 years after, In 2014 is an integration with the title: ‘Exorcisms and healing prayers.’

The Catholic Bishops ‘ Conference of Emilia-Romagna has produced the document Religious Alternatives’ sects, spiritualism . A religious, educational, cultural, challenge published by Libreria Editrice Vaticana in 2013. This pastoral note does not delve into the ministry of exorcism but rather addresses more broadly various issues  concerning alternative religiosity, from questions of meaning that contemporary man asks, then moves onto the role of globalisation in the «spiritual habits redesigning the person ‘. The document identifies the key to effectively tackle the problems of our society in the values taken by the Church in its universal mission of proclaming the mystery of the incarnation, passion, death and resurrection of the son of God, as an event of salvation for all mankind. Also describes briefly some conceptions, beliefs and phenomena which highlight well the fact that for a Christian are impossible to share upon.

 Another example can be given by those practising vampirism which seek to lead the young people through the proposal of transgressive by arousing their curiosity on  what is hiddenand secret and with fascination, in recent years, the beautiful and damned vampire of the film and television industry

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