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royal baby

A true spy story is accompanying the birth of the royal baby. After doubts about the name (only Monday, was release the full title of the second child of William and Kate was released as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge “, full name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) now the puzzle is the surname of the newborn. And as if that weren’t enough, Russian Intelligence agents have tipped off the questionable authenticity of the date of birth.

How could the Duchess of Cambridge – wondered the Soviet tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda- appear so fresh and relaxed with her child in her arms after even six hours after natural childbirth? However, several gynocologists interviewed in Moscow have supposed that “royal baby” was probably born at least three days before the photo dated May 2, 2015 where it appears white cuffed together with mum Kate, in a yellow-flowered dress, and dad William, in an electric blue sweater. Dr. Olga Perovskaya,always from Russian newspaper columns, is harsher: “the Duchess seemed to have completed an heroic act ‘ but I suggest to women not to leave the hospital after such a short time after having given birth”. Then child analysis: “the childthat the Duchess has in her arms is at least 7-10 days old and then the baby is too big to have been born in a few hours and its face is too smooth and pale”. It served to spark off the mystery. But this time the British tabloids have not thrown themselves headlong on the royal-gate, but have raised a defensive wall: the Daily Mail revealed the teamwork of a team of make-up artists and fashion designers that would have revamped Kate Middleton within hours.

“Her Royal Highness”, then, thanks to a decision of Queen Elizabeth II in December 2012 allowed her nephew William to give this title to his heirs, and this was already on the mouths of everyone around the world. Just like her grandmother, whose name in part she carries. Now the problem is her surname.
It’s definitely a Windsor thanks to grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales. However, by Spencer descendants, thanks to Lady Diana, a family that includes Spencer counts, Count of Sunderland and the Dukes of Marlborough.

Finally, thanks to his great-grandfather, husband of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh,the Princess has the blood of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg, King of Greece, Denmark and Norway. Then, of course, to this must be added the real last name of William, who like Harry is “Wales”, by the Royal House of Prince Charles. -It should be noted however that, for the rules of the British monarchy,the Royals are not required to have a surname and indeed this custom started only in1917, during World War I, on initiative of King George V, grandfather of the current ruler, who decided to give the family the high-flying surname “Windsor”, derived from the Castle, which for centuries has been the main residence of the monarchs.

The choice of the King was also to give to members of the Royal House a more”human”aspect, after that for centuries they had been treated like gods. All this clearly becomes complicated when one considers that among the surnames of Charles there is also that of her paternal grandmother, mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, a more high-flying “Mountbatten”, surname which in theory should also be in the title of Royal William. Behold, so, according to the family-tree reconstruction by the British press, this should be the real title of the new Royal Baby: Her Royal HighnessCharlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor of Cambridge “. And to think that in recent days there were those who hoped for a simple “Diana”, as her grandmother, the most loved-hated-Princess in the history of the Royal House.

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