BULLYING IN RAVENNA: BEAT AND STRIP A BOY NAKED, THEN FILM ON VIDEO It all happened in a primary school on the outskirts of the town of Romagna. The 12-year-old was discharged with a prognosis of five days and a strong shock

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Ravenna is a 12-year-old to be victim of yet another act of bullying, as is happen all the more often, the act is then filmed on mobile to amplify the effect of the gesture. The boy in question, also recalled that he was eventually stripped naked bare, although this does not appear in the filming. The footage appear to show scenes of a play between peers, but scrolling down the footage, you get to realise that the jokes soon take a trun for the worst: beating with kicks and punches where one of the four guys who attacked, is particularly fierce with the victim. Then the images are shared through Whatsapp amongst the group in the school, attended by all young people. An episode of bullying that happened last Wednesday, to a youth who attends primary school in a village on the outskirts of Ravenna. Three of the alleged bullies have been suspended from school.

The class Council, convened and called for an extraordinary meeting, where the parents concerned were immediately warned. The boys all belong to the same class, while the victim belongs to another class section of the same school. According to police reconstruction of the episode so far, everything happened at around 4.45pm while parents and teachers were busy in a meeting. It is at that point, that in a nearby park, which started off with shoving , explained the police, “the clan logic” took over, while another school-mate, onlooker, filmed everything.

The targeted victim at that point managed to wriggle free and ran away home in tears. To have noticed him was a lady who warned the mother. Having returned home, she found her son in despair who told her everything. The woman then returned to the park where she came acrossd the boys who were still laughing. She asked them to immediately delete the videos, tension followed as there were other parents and eventually the police was called to intervene.

The same evening the woman accompanied her son to the emergency room where the boy was discharged with a prognosis of five days and suffering from a strong shock. Yesterday she returned to the police to file a formal complaint for harassment and injury. The youth who have been identified are four, three 12 year olds and a 13 year old: considering their young age, it is possible that there they may not be punished. But friends of the victim have already tried to take revenge in their own hands: yesterday, at the entrance to the school, some of them have been blocked and got two of the suspected bullies were pushed. A rather annoying situation which risks boiling over and which the local police intend facing with a series of meeting sto be held with the pupils, teachers and parents.

Translation provided by Marina Stronati

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