Why euthanasia is always a defeat

  • Italiano

The assisted suicide of Fabiano Dj Fabo awakens us interiorly. Before him, other Italians, about fifty, have been led to take such an extreme step as assisted suicide. However, it is a mistake to furiously rage in these hours on the torment of a precise person and of the members of his family, shocked by the tragedy of sickness and death. We should never see anyone being satisfied nor using human suffering for political purposes in order to hoist their flag. As a matter of fact nobody should break this space so sacred or take advantage of the great state of weakness that a person is facing. Taking one’s own life can never be the answer to a need of peace, to the legitimate and desperate request of not to suffer.

Assisted suicide in any form you want to sweeten it with words, remains a terrible defeat for a civil society that should be able to support patients and families, harshly hit, with that love that is bigger than every fear of living. I noticed it directly in our many family homes of the Community Pope John XXIII, where we share life with many terminally ill, that having beside them friends full of faith and love, trust and hope, they find an incredible force to fight and bless the existence, in spite of everything.

We Christians have an alternative response for those who would like to legalize in Italy assisted suicide and euthanasia; a clear position which should not only be respected but also heard, in order to really help the sick person to understand the true meaning of life, to fight for life, breathing with their loved ones beside them. A society that rages against life favouring its suppression is in danger of losing the awareness of the absolute value of its acceptance, from that first zygote until the moment in which only the Creator should decide and no other. There is a deep concept of human ecology, addressed by the recent Pontiffs, which cannot be forgotten or lost by our consciences: the person possesses its own nature that cannot manipulate because man has not auto produced himself; it shocks me to see so many Catholics confused and forgetting their own principles when what we need instead is more courage in defending them without too many shyness. The prevailing individualism linked to practical relativism has pushed this humanity to no longer respect existence, especially when it is fragile and at the limit of its forces. We should promote in Italy a more attentive assistance towards the most seriously ill, raise the quality of medical care, ensure a much more attentive and incisive psychological and human support, never leaving the family members alone, they are also so much in need of support.

Perhaps that absent State, questioned by Dj Fabo, should feel more committed on how to improve the quality of life also in the final moments, rather than to solve everything with the shorter path of its suppression.

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