Blinded by RICHNESS

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A bitter report of the Italian Caritas for 2016. In eight years the number of people living below the poverty line has increased from 1,8 millions to 4,6 millions. Large families are most affected by the phenomenon. But also young people, who for the first time exceed the elderly in destitution ranking.

The crisis going on for years has affected not only adults without employment, but also the range of the population between 20 and 30 years old, the very young and looking for work, a consequence of school dropout.

Contrasting with this critical situation, characterized by a growing economic distress, there is an artificial model proposed by the TV that seems to transform the waste logic modus vivendi. Broadcasts that bewilder the boys, promising easy money and success without sacrifice and sweat.

The bad example of indifference and dangerous “poverty of spirit”, worse if we want than material comes very often from reality. Such as the one proposed for a few weeks on a national channel, which told the life of some wealthy young scions (were between 20 and 26 years) of entrepreneurs. The protests led the interruption of the show but the protagonists have suddenly become star on Instagram, where they collected thousands of followers in a short time.

To promote an unexpected success were the many peers who followed the format. Guys who have maybe just the money to pay the movie ticket, but who remained fascinated by a life of ribbons, sequins, caviar and champagne. A false myth ,non-educational that risk to aggravating pain, envy, jealousy and resentment for a status so different from reality.

Coming out  the national borders we find “Rich Kids”, social networks reserved for  rich young people, that could carry off hundreds of thousands of followers. Photos shared on Instagram under its hashtag are full of luxurious yachts, champagne bottles, money and luxury. Egocentrism and exhibitionism without hesitation and rules. But the worst, terrible, is that to access the content they have to pay a thousand euro per month required for the download of the app. It look exclusivity, as required by the site’s home page: “everyone can have an account on Instagram, but only  true riches people can  have a profile here.” In recent months, as a symbol of opulence, the photos of  rich young people are marked by a golden frame, not elegant.

The most-watched (with 465,000 followers) is Anastasija Raznatovic, beautiful and rich. He is 18 years old and is the daughter of Željko Raznatovic, better known as Arkan, Serbia, head of the paramilitary group called the “Arkan’s” Tigers during the conflict in Yugoslavia committed atrocities of all kinds, including the Srebrenica massacre (with men Ratko Mladic). The daughter of one of the greatest criminals of the late 900, in short, she shows off her ultra-luxury existence. Some shots, for example, show her 18th birthday at the hotel in Belgrade, surrounded by dozens of celebrities.

Lives far from an everyday life of hardship, they promote false ideals and values without basis. Lies and lies overlapped forming the bedrock of an irrational generation, visionary, unable to adapt to reality, who renounces or denies the essential truths. And that only believes in the “well-being at any cost.” dangerous concept with which often the media influence the consciences of the younger.

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