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Young women who were abducted, segregated, raped for months, and used as “incubators” for babies who will be sold abroad for unknown purposes. It is not the plot of a horror movie, but the sad reality of a large-scale phenomenon, especially in the countries of the so-called Third World where poverty, hunger, and social injustice often go hand in hand. An insult to humanity.

In Nigeria, one of the oil richest nations in the world, and at the same time, a country marked by serious ethnic tensions, the phenomenon is so overt and widely known that it has been given a name: the “baby farm”. The so-called “baby farms” are nothing but hovels where dozens of women and young women, some of whom are just girls, live crowded as breeding animals. Oppressors paid by powerful local criminal groups Torturers paid by powerful local criminal groups keep them segregated until they give birth and nobody knows what happens to these mothers after delivery. What is even more abominable, nobody knows for certain what happens to their children.

Many infants are “placed”, as if they were a commodity, in the circuit of international adoptions and sold at a high price to heterosexual or homosexual couples. Yet, many other children have gone missing. We rightfully fear that they have been “used” as a source of organs or have been “recycled” for the booming market of child pornography. Women and children of our times exploited as inanimate objects to use, abuse, sell, dismember and even eliminate. Not even a hint of humanity in this world which seems to be governed only by money. Not even the most beautiful and strong sentiment in the world, the one that binds a mother to her newborn baby, escapes the control of the money-god.

Emanuele Leo, President of Steadfast (a non-profit organization that has been working for years in Nigeria, alongside the poorest) explains who the buyers guilty of this crime are: “Western people who have infertility issues, hence both heterosexual and homosexual couples; and Nigerians, rich families whose men are responsible for aggression against these girls who are kidnapped from their villages to give birth to a child with their own genetic heritage”.

What is the price of a “surrogate” newborn? From 4 to 10 thousand euros, the aid worker explains. These sums, along with the hundreds of women sold abroad as (coerced) “surrogate mothers” or “used” right in Nigeria, constitute an income of hundreds of thousands of euros per year for the clans. In Nigeria alone have been discovered at least twenty baby farms over the last few years, usually in former orphanages where girls are kept segregated for the nine months of gestation. Nobody knows what happens to them afterwards.

In one of these hellish places that has been recently discovered, the police found 32 young women – all of whom were obviously pregnant – chained to the wall as cows in a stall. This new frontier of sexual exploitation, an abominable practice came to light only a few months ago, yet it had been practiced for years in the conspiratorial silence of those who know, but preferred to keep quiet.

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