ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, ANKARA TO CONVENE THE VATICAN AMBASSADOR The Foreign Ministry released a statement in which it condemns the statements made by the Pope during his visit to Armenia

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Very soon, Turkey will convene the current ambassador of the Holy See to Ankara to express its “concern with regard to the words Pope Francis” pronounced during his recent trip to Armenia. In fact, the Pope called “genocide” the Armenian massacre of 1915 and the Turkish State has not appreciated these words. The Foreign Ministry has spread a statement today, condemning Bergoglio’s statements. The next step, wrote the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, which cited reliable sources, will be convening.

The Vatican ambassador has been in Turkey only for a few weeks now and has not yet presented his credentials to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Hence, it is very likely that Angelo Accattino, current prime embassy advisor, in service since July 2015, will be the one to be summoned to the Ministry. According to the same source, Ankara does not intend to recall its ambassador to the Vatican, Mehmet Paçaci, for consultations.

It did so last year, when Francis publicly called, for the first time, “genocide” the death of thousands of Armenians. At the time, a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara said that the Turkish people does not recognize the Pope’s statement, “which is questionable from all points of view, based on prejudice, and which distorts history and reduces the pain suffered in Anatolia in the specific circumstances of the First World War to the suffering of the members of one sole religion”. “Unacceptable” words, according to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavuysoglu. On that occasion, the minister wrote tweeted that “the Pope’s statements, which are not based on historical and legal data, are unacceptable.” The head of Turkish diplomacy also stated that “religious leaders do not have to feed tensions and hatred through groundless allegations.”

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